Apple provides an example of App Store reviews manipulation
Apple provides an example of App Store reviews manipulation

Apple has found a way to improve app ratings on the App Store and disable the podcast experience by inviting in-app reviews so listeners can submit better ratings.

This is how the Apple Podcasts app went from 1.8 stars to 4.6 stars in just over a month without any actual fixes.

Data shows that as of November 9, the app has received thousands of reviews every day, most of which are 5-star reviews.

The app's overall rating is 4.7 stars and is #1 in podcast search results in the App Store. It seems more popular for new users than it was before.

It is true that those who are too lazy to comment tend to get angry. A lot of people who like the app and don't search for it in the App Store because it is pre-installed weigh the pros and cons.

There are new and positive comments. Not a comment on the app, but a comment on the podcast itself. This doesn't seem like a common complication with podcast apps, and listeners think they're looking at the podcast rather than the app itself.

When you look at reviews of other popular podcast apps on the App Store, every rating on a competitor app is a rating for the app itself.

The company has confirmed that it is using a new router. But he claims that there is nothing special. An Apple spokesperson wrote, “With the release of iOS 15.1 last month, the app began asking listeners to leave ratings and comments, like most third-party apps. Standard feedback is available to all developers.

Apple Podcast overcomes bad reviews

I'm not sure if someone is clicking the five star button because they like the app, think they're rating the podcast themselves, or just want to stop reporting as soon as possible.

I'm not sure if Apple is asking everyone, or just its most loyal fans, or some other subset of the algorithms that give it an edge.

According to reports, some people are buying stars to combat App Store fraud. For most App Store buyers, it's impossible to know.

The company is clearly using the same system to help scammers make a profit. This is a clear example of why you should not trust the results of the stars. In fact, in just a month, the rating of the app has completely changed without any major changes.

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