Google's investment in Australia is promoting artificial intelligence
Google's investment in Australia is promoting artificial intelligence

Google has announced that it will build a new Australian Google search lab in Sydney as part of a $729 million Australian investment worth $1 billion, and a few months ago Google threatened to pull out of the country. Imagine stricter government regulations.

Over the years, San Francisco, London, Montreal, Paris, and New York have made names for themselves as hot spots in AI research. Australia's two largest, Sydney and Melbourne, are not. But it can be changed.

This lab examines everything from artificial intelligence to quantum computations. AI researchers in Australia have welcomed this problem. They said AI education workers in the country have had limited options over the years.

Google is set to launch the Australian Google Search Center a few years ago, according to several well-known people from Australia.

Many artificially intelligent workers are forced to leave Australia in search of opportunities. Leftists have not suffered enough from exploitation, including the people at Google Sydney.

This research giant is running projects in Sydney. Compared to city views from the company's headquarters and London, Zurich and Tokyo, his research is relatively limited.

Until recently, no large tech company had a lab in Australia. Amazon has opened a lab in Adelaide.

Oracle and IBM have set up artificial intelligence labs in Melbourne. Companies such as Facebook and Twitter have offices in Australia. But they don't have a huge AI research team.

The more industrial research ecosystems in Australia develop, the more companies are considering opening offices.

The university has experienced strong growth over the past decade, and computer science enrollments are high. More teachers means more postdocs and more PhD students. But it is relatively little steady work.

Google will spend $1 billion in five years

Google's investment will also be used to develop Google's cloud computing infrastructure in Australia and partnerships with local universities and other government agencies.

The investment plan - known as the Digital Future Plan - creates 6,000 jobs and supports another 28,000.

It all started with Australian Prime Minister Scott Mason, who officially opened the new Sydney headquarters in Sydney.

"Google's statement is a $1 billion vote of confidence in the Australian digital economy strategy," Morrison said.

Earlier this year, Australian lawmakers criticized US science and technology gauntlets for failing to pay the cost of replacing the local cross-platform press.

Australia is the first global law to require high-profile tech companies to pay for news content on their platform.

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