Apple warns against downloading apps outside the App Store
Apple warns against downloading apps outside the App Store

Apple again warned against downloading apps from outside the App Store. In a speech at Web Summit 2021, Vice President Craig Federighi said: Sideloading is cybercriminals' best friend and requires it to be installed on the iPhone. chance in life.

Federighi is responsible for overseeing the company's iOS and macOS software divisions. He has explicitly protested the proposed European Commission law on the digital market, which, if passed, would require Apple to allow users to install apps outside the iOS App Store.

The difference between Apple's relatively low rate of malware on iOS and 5 million attacks on Android per month, says Federighi, is the lack of sideloading.

Federighi also rejects the well-known solution offered, which allows users to decide for themselves whether to risk putting apps aside.

"The problem is that the criminals are smart," he said. Even savvy users can get in trouble with fraudulent websites or fake app stores installed on their phones.

Federigi urged the public to think of children or parents who might be fooled. Federigi concluded that we should not argue that malware can harm anyone.

Apple again talks about the dangers of sideloading apps

Although Apple still often deals with multi-million dollar scams, Federighi made the comments above. Reporting functionality was added in September.

And Federighi doesn't stop there. It also raised concerns that some social media apps might try to bypass privacy in the App Store if Apple allowed sideloading. You can only make your apps available via sideloading.

Apple's data protection requirements in the App Store go beyond legal text. According to the company's vice president, social media companies that evade these demands can force customers to choose between losing contact with their online friends or risking marginalization.

"Sideloading disrupts security and puts people's data at risk," Federighi said. If the customer wishes to be able to download the application, then Android should suffice, but the iPhone does not need this option.

Federighi's message ignores the fact that all apps must be installed through the App Store. The company also requires that all commercial applications run through the App Store. As a result, they reduced it by 30%, that is, billions of dollars annually.

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