Starlink Nightmare... Some Customer Orders Are Years Delayed
Starlink Nightmare... Some Customer Orders Are Years Delayed

Starlink started subscribing to satellite internet in February and promised to provide better speed and service for people who live in rural areas or have unstable internet. But a feature on the company's website delayed the booking for several years and there didn't seem to be a solution.

According to reports, some users have used the location's digital map tool to move the rest area a few meters away, bringing the booking date from late 2021 to 2023.

One user wrote: I moved the website from my garage to my home and changed the date to 2022-2023. In a similar incident, another user said: I moved the barn grounds to a house 13 feet away and the date was changed to late 2022.

The map tool is still on the site. However, the company recently made some changes to the website layout and removed all Starlink references in beta.

The update appears to move the map tool to a more visible location and requires users to verify the accuracy of their location.

Of course, anyone checking the status of a reservation might be tempted to change the service location if they see an error.

Starlink pre-order delays are clearly not a new problem. But it is becoming increasingly popular due to the new location on the map.

Another user said: People have been warning others about this issue for about a year. If you don't have the service and you redirect the address, the availability date comes several years later.

Delays due to changes to the digital map of the site

However, Elon Musk's vision for Starlink is great, and it's these small loopholes that undermine this service's potential.

Customer service issues are not new to the Musk brand as Tesla is notorious for poor customer service. The company's customers said in September that they had not been able to contact the company to check the status of an order for a few months after purchase.

Musk is committed to expanding space exploration and defining the era of electric vehicles. But some of his clients around the world want to solve their problems first.

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