BMW is training AI to recommend tire changes
BMW is training AI to recommend tire changes

BMW offers artificial intelligence to predict tire wear, promises to detect leaks as quickly as possible and makes more specific recommendations on when to replace damaged tires.

The My BMW app has been expanded to include a new digital tire diagnostics system. Although it is actually limited to a number of templates and websites to get you started.

Most motorists know that tires need to be replaced in a timely manner as the outer surface of the tires wears out, causing the grip to wear out.

When this happens, it varies greatly depending on factors such as tire type, driving style, road surface and dynamics.

It seems that BMW wants to solve this problem with its new system of artificial intelligence in cloud services that run through the My BMW app.

This means that tire pressure problems can be identified faster than conventional tire pressure monitoring systems in cars.

Statistics and artificial intelligence methods can be used to predict tire wear, the company said. It is also possible to predict the remaining life of the tire until the minimum recommended tread depth is reached.

It is not clear what data the company needs for the accounts. But this could also include the various sensors of the car that track driving difficulties, detect friction losses, and other things to improve machine learning.

This warning appears in the vehicle itself and in the My BMW app. However, the automaker also plans to offer an optional service that could also include pre-tire maintenance. For example, an injured tire can be automatically programmed for replacement.

A new version of the BMW app is available

Originally, digital tire diagnostics was planned for all-electric SUVs, BMW iX sedans and BMW i4s.

Digital tire diagnosis is now available in the US, UK, Canada, Germany and Norway. Over time, the company plans to add more models to its product range.

This is part of a larger update to the My BMW app, which also includes new key digital functions.

Using UWB as an example, the company initially launched BMW Digital Key Plus for iPhone users with the BMW iX, and other models will later receive this technology as well.

When the car alarm is triggered, the Remote Flight Recorder feature sends a notification to the user through the app. Cameras inside and outside the car take pictures of what's happening and send them to the app.

At the same time, the calendar selector function can synchronize the company's infotainment system with the driver's calendar. Therefore, the car knows the meeting place within the next 72 hours. It can be shown as a shortcut in navigation apps instead of forcing the driver to enter the destination manually.

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