Google won't release a new Pixelbook in 2022
Google won't release a new Pixelbook in 2022

Google has confirmed that it won't release a new Pixelbook laptop in 2022, casting doubt on the future of the company's Chromebook lineup.

The news broke at a Qualcomm press conference in London and a Google spokesperson was invited to speak on Chromebooks.

When asked if the company is developing a new Pixelbook laptop, Google's Chromebook business partner manager said, "Nothing will happen next year." But I do not know the future.

However, Pixelbook fans shouldn't be too disappointed, as the official refused to rule out the possibility of another laptop in the series after 2022.

Pixelbook is a high-end Chromebook launched by the search giant in 2017. At that time, the device was equipped with high-end Chromebooks and running ChromeOS.

It is one of the first Chromebooks to use the flagship specification instead of the core specification. It is still sold today at a great price.

The device is designed as an Ultrabook with ChromeOS for developers to program and develop operating system application products. But the devices suffered in terms of sales.

Since then, Google decided to pay more attention to the education market. Since the original Pixelbook launched last year, another Chromebook brand has been the cheaper Pixelbook Go.

Google is also developing the Pixel Watch

Chrome OS is a lightweight operating system focused on Google services. It takes advantage of the company's back-end infrastructure to enable low-power devices to run applications from the cloud.

The system is independent of the company's Android operating system, which focuses on mobile devices, and WearOS, which is designed for wearable devices.

This data is also in line with a previous report that said the company will forgo the Pixelbook 2022 update in exchange for introducing a new model with its own chipset in 2023.

There are rumors that Google is considering a Pixelbook 2 release with key specs and stylus support. It could also be powered by Google's new Tensor chipset, which is focused on artificial intelligence.

It's not clear if these rumors are false or if Google has postponed (or even canceled) its plans to launch the Pixelbook 2.

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