Brave creates its own crypto wallet in its browser
Brave creates its own crypto wallet in its browser

Brave announced that their web browser now includes a native cryptocurrency wallet that replaces the old MetaMask wallet extension.

The wallet covers the needs of most blockchain users. Customers can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, store NFTs, track the number of coins sold, and try out Web3 or websites with built-in blockchain functionality.

Brave also said that the built-in wallet uses fewer resources compared to other extension-based wallets like MetaMask. You are also less prone to phishing or NFT theft attempts.

The wallet appears to be primarily used with the Ethereum blockchain (blockchains that support EVM, such as Polygon or a Layer 2 platform that is supposed to significantly speed up transactions).

This means that you cannot currently buy any other popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin from the wallet.

However, since most NFTs are stored via Ethereum, you can use a browser wallet to store them. The company said it is adding support for Bitcoin and other blockchains.

The company has always been interested in blockchain and the sites that depend on it. Years ago, I started suggesting that people install MetaMask if they are using a site that can connect to the blockchain. This is to provide additional functionality generally associated with payment.

Brave Wallet: The original in-browser cryptocurrency wallet

The browser now has built-in support for Web3 or Dapps, a bunch of scattered apps and a word.

Support for decentralized technology has been added recently, and in the event that an image hosting site goes down, some people are hoping the technology will prevent NFT from crashing.

The functionality of the wallet is currently limited to the PC version. But the company hopes to add it to the Android and iOS versions.

Given that Brave Browser has been pushing out blockchain tokens to users since its inception, it makes sense to continue adding more and more features for those interested in cryptocurrency.

Based on browser support for coin and blockchain apps, most browser users can love crypto wallets as long as they are willing to import their crypto assets, supported by Brave or specific hardware wallets.

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