Google cloud services caused platforms to stop
Google cloud services caused platforms to stop

Websites and services like Spotify, Discord and Snapchat reopened within an hour of the global shutdown of Google Cloud services, bringing these and many other websites down.

On the Service Status page, Google said, “Cloud issues have been fixed for all affected projects,” and indicated that the issue was completely resolved.

Google Cloud services are the reason for closing. The Service Status page indicates that a network problem was causing the problem that caused the 404 error. These problems will be displayed on the affected pages.

The previous Google Cloud Control Panel showed a period of downtime. Including cloud developer tools, cloud console and cloud engine.

Status page update says: Cloud issue fixed and most services appear to be locked and running. However, some of them have bugs or slow load times.

Observations on DownDetector show the far-reaching implications of this problem. From Pokémon Go to Home Depot, everything has gone wrong.

DownDetector tracks outages by compiling status reports from a variety of sources. Including errors posted by users through the platform. The power outage affected a large number of users.

The tracker also showed that several services were having problems at the same time. This indicates that the general provider is experiencing problems, not an ISP outage or that one site is experiencing problems at the same time.

Google Cloud issues are causing chaos

The dependence of the Services on other service providers facilitates the distribution of content on a large scale. But if something goes wrong, all stations can be stopped at the same time. Similar to previous Fastly outages or AWS issues.

Spotify said it is aware of some issues and is investigating these issues after more than 50,000 users reported problems with DownDetector. But according to the site, these ailments have been fixed.

Although Snapchat support was mentioned in a previous tweet, a lot of Snapchat users are experiencing issues with the app. We fix.

Although Fastly the cloud company was behind the massive blackout of the global internet in June, it said that instances of asset failures from shared cloud providers not connected to the Fastly cloud platform are on the rise.

A brief blackout occurred 6 hours after an extended shutdown for the past month, and Meta (formerly Facebook) was paralyzed after changing the company's incorrect router settings.

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