Create and sell artwork products using NFT
Create and sell artwork products using NFT

After the great success of NFT technology, users began to wonder how to create and sell technology-based products and then sell them. These products are usually works of art.

After some people relied on making huge profits from selling products and artwork, people became interested in this technology. Some NFT products have sold for millions of dollars, such as Beeple's Crossroad picture, which sold for $6.6 million.

However, such works sold for such an amount are very special and not uncommon. In general, we explained the correct steps for creating and selling artwork using NFT technology.

The process usually begins with the purchase of a particular cryptocurrency where users have to pay a platform fee to convert their business to NFT. Ether can be used for this process or other currencies depend on the platform.

Of course, in order to be able to buy any cryptocurrency, the basic step is to create a digital wallet online and there are many options such as: b. MetaMask.

Create and sell artwork through NFT

As mentioned earlier, the first step is to create an e-wallet and a dedicated platform provides many ways to accomplish this task. Next, you need to add money to your digital wallet, which currently can only buy digital currency through credit card, PayPal, or even Apple or Google payments.

Now a digital wallet is being created and funds raised. You need to register on the NFT platform. There are many platforms operating in this field including

When you log into any platform, the next step is to link your registered account with the wallet you just received. You will then need to upload your artwork or artwork so that it is actually converted to NFT.

After uploading your work, keep its limits and be able to use the recyclable platform that we will be relying on in this article. or another platform that offers products for sale at a fixed price or offers products in auctions.

However, past experience shows that costs can be higher than expected. Adding the same functionality costs only $5.91, but converting it to NFT can cost up to $42.99.

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