Meet Brydge's Keyboard Cover for iPad
Meet Brydge's Keyboard Cover for iPad

Brydge has announced a new keyboard cover for the 11-inch iPad, which fits all iPad generations.

Whether it's a newer model in 2018 or 2020, or even the latest M1 model, you can use it with the 11-inch iPad Pro.

It's not the first case of its kind, or even the first case from the company to release a protective case for the 12.9-inch iPad earlier this year.

Thanks to the new magnetic technology, this protective case can turn your iPad into a fully portable laptop.

New iPad Cover Technology

The company has developed a number of new technologies to help chests work better and communicate with devices.

The company used new technology to attach the case to the iPad because it is attached to a fully magnetic plate on the back of the case.

This cover secures the device quickly and efficiently and helps you remove the device from the case quickly.

This differs from the usual method of holding the device, which involves removing part of the casing before removing the computer.

It also uses Bluetooth technology to connect the keyboard and case to the iPad instead of the iPad hotspot.

This Bluetooth technology makes the connection faster and does not lose or delay data transfer between the protective case and your iPad.

The new technology is to keep the keyboard connected to the Bluetooth device at all times, even when not in use.

It does not take much power from the device or the case. As the company said, you only need to increase the amount every few months.

The keyboard is similar in design to the keyboard of the MacBook Pro from 2015 and has a large, dedicated touchpad.

Its touchpad supports multi-touch gestures and various gestures or finger gestures.

The basic design of the keyboard allows you to feel the touch and how much the keys move before recording to the screen.

It's keyboard fun and not much different from the company's focused MacBook Air laptop.

However, the main purpose of this case is not to protect the device, which is why the company discourages taking the computer out of the case too often.

You can get the Byrdge keyboard cover through the company's official website or Amazon store for around $200.

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