Find out the best screen for browsing Facebook
Find out the best screen for browsing Facebook

The Facebook platform displays posts in landscape mode, collecting them like old newspapers, and a Japanese company is asking to design a new screen specifically for browsing Facebook and several social media platforms.

You can see the development of global interest in content with the development of screens where computer screens, such as old TVs, were displayed in a 4:3 ratio.

When HDTV technology came along, the screen became the image we know today, slightly larger than a television screen.

Most computer monitors have an aspect ratio of 16:9, then the screen resolution is gradually increased to 8K.

With the development of people's interest in esports and esports, the frame rate per second has gradually increased. This means that the frame rate is 480 fps instead of 28 fps.

Although this screen is considered a first in the computer industry, mobile phones have evolved to meet the demand for browsing social media platforms.

Mobile screens are now slightly longer than computer and television screens and have different aspect ratios to fit the content as you browse.

Facebook screen specifications

This monitor from the Japanese company Elsonic, its name is EK-MD088, about 8.8 inches, it will not take up much space on your desk.

The monitor also uses a screen resolution of 420 x 1920 pixels, which means it's slightly lower than the 1080p resolution we're used to.

 The monitor is powered by the USB-C port on the back, so you can take it with you without a separate power adapter.

The USB-C port does not transmit any images, it is based on a separate miniHDMI port. The monitor comes with a stand with different viewing angles.

The screen can display different levels of brightness, making it ideal for moving and working outside without worrying about the sun.

The screen will officially go on sale in Japan next February at a price of about $130. The company currently has no plans to sell it outside of Japan.

So you have to personally import from Japanese stores, so the final price may be a little higher than the official price.

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