General Motors is building a military vehicle based on an electric Hummer
General Motors is building a military vehicle based on an electric Hummer

General Motors Defense Plant to produce prototypes of military vehicles based on electric Hummers coming in 2022.

This plan is the first step. But it is important to market the electric vehicle business, especially the Hummer or the eLRV, which can be used militarily.

"The Army is very excited about our investment in this area," the company said. The Hummer light electric reconnaissance vehicle is the first target to be built from scratch.

Kathleen Hicks to learn more about GM's electrification plans, specifically the development of GM's defense electric vehicles.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said he supports new policies and measures to combat climate change, which are a top priority of the Biden administration.

GM took over the defense division in 2017. Last year, it was estimated that the market value of new military vehicles, including electric vehicles, was $25 billion.

eLRV requires the construction of a base for an electric lobster. The company plans to use and modify Hummer's electric components for the eLRV, such as the bodywork, engine and Ultium battery. Designed to the latest specifications. It may not look like an ordinary car.

This is similar to the company's work on new infantry division vehicles currently in production for the military. The car is based on the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, which is an off-road version of the mid-size pickup.

The company plans to begin assembling a Hummer-based eLRV prototype for future testing and evaluation next year. However, the eLRV plan has not yet been confirmed.

A US Army prototype based on an electric Hummer

The military requires the company to provide information about the vehicle. In May, it was reported that ten companies, including General Motors, had introduced electric vehicles to allow the military to test off-road skills, identify destinations, and find possible solutions.

After the information stage, the program provides for the military to submit detailed specifications of this vehicle to the company for the production of a prototype. The Army chose two automakers. A decision is expected in the middle of this century.

The company can charge electric vehicles across specific locations or via mobile vehicle units equipped with electric generators, as can military aircraft or conventional vehicles, these vehicles can die with combustion.

Converting the entire US Army fleet to electric vehicles is very difficult and time-consuming. But the ministry could start to defend itself on more electric cars in some areas.

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