Google is rearranging its home interior
Google is rearranging its home interior

Google Labs is back. But this time around, it's not a consumer goods brand with a bevy of experimental products. Instead, it's the internal name of the new Google team, which is part of a reorganization aimed at bringing the company's many innovative and long-term equity projects under one roof.

The new team is headed by Clay Bavour, an experienced employee and corporate vice president. In his most recent role, he led the company's pioneering work in virtual and augmented reality, including its latest 3D video called Project Starline Meeting Elements.

Bavor heads the new foundation, which includes Google's current augmented reality and virtual reality efforts, a future Starline and an in-house incubator called Area 120, as well as any other high-potential long-term projects. He reports directly to Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Area 120 launched in 2016. It's designed to better retain Google's entrepreneurial talent while also allowing the team to test new ideas with access to company data, products, and resources.

Over the years, Area 120 has implemented several successful projects, including an emerging HTML5 gaming platform called GameSnacks, which is now integrated with Google Chrome in some countries.

In addition, technical interviewing platform Byteboard, competitor AirTables, AI talk-advertising platform AdLingo, video platforms Tangi and Shoploop, and travel web app Touring Bird were also presented.

Google wants to elicit technology trends

Area 120 is currently home to projects such as ThreadIt's workplace video platform, the Orion Spectrum Marketplace and the Stack document scanner. About twenty projects are currently running.

But under the previous organizational structure, District 120 administrators were buried deep. But with the reorganization it moved on with other innovative projects. This can lead to them having more group participation and increase the visibility of their work.

Although Google uses the Google Labs brand internally. But this name has a long history in the company. In the past, the Google Labs brand has been associated with the company's overall experience. I've switched from Beta to Universal a lot.

During his tenure from 2002 to 2011, Google Labs produced products such as customized web searches, web alerts, documents, spreadsheets, readers, Buyers (Buy Now), Aardvark (Quora-style websites), goggles, and iGoogle. Products, Public Transport, Video, Talk, Directions, Scholar, Suggestion, Groups etc. have become the most important products and services of the company.

Although there are no plans to develop the Google Labs brand. But the reorganization could highlight some of the company's biggest bets even more.

He put Google Labs under Bavor's direction and brought with him a leader who had experience turning innovative ideas into raw materials.

In a letter to employees, the company described the reorganization as focused on opening new, future-oriented areas of investment.

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