Honda showcases the latest version of its self-driving work vehicle
Honda showcases the latest version of its self-driving work vehicle

At the 2018 Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show, Honda debuted the AWV as a concept that combines the company's rugged off-road platform with emerging advanced autonomous technology.

The result is a new, high-performance work vehicle that can be used in a variety of dynamic working environments.

The AWV uses a combination of sensors for autonomous operation, GPS, radar and lidar for obstacle detection, and stereo (3D) cameras for remote monitoring. The car can also be controlled remotely.

Honda and Black & Veatch Engineering have successfully tested the AWV prototype at the Black & Veatch construction site in New Mexico.

During the month-long field test, the all-electric second-generation prototype achieved a number of functions on large-scale solar construction projects.

This includes towing activities and the delivery of construction materials, water and other relief supplies to designated local destinations.

Black & Veatch, a global engineering and construction company focused on building improvement and technology innovation, has partnered with Honda to provide a true testing ground to validate AWV technology at an active construction site.

Company employees have been trained in vehicle operations and safety protocols by Honda engineers to use the technology effectively in the field.

Black & Veatch provided detailed business and product requirements feedback to help improve AWV capabilities and services.

Honda demonstrated the capabilities of its fully autonomous electric working vehicle prototype in a large-scale construction environment.

The company believes that AWV has the potential to bring greater efficiency, higher levels of safety and better environmental sustainability to the construction industry and other industries looking for independent off-road solutions.

Honda continues to develop its off-road vehicles

AWV transports building materials, water, and other relief supplies over an area of ​​more than 1,000 hectares of construction site. The AWV can carry a load of up to 399 kg. It can also tow a trailer with a total weight of 750 kg.

In the video showing the AWV, a Black & Veatch employee notes that it may take some time for the vehicle to pass such an important position.

Therefore, loading material onto the vehicle and sending it to another location can increase efficiency. It also reduces employees' commute time and allows them to do other things.

Honda has created a high-resolution map of the site so that the operator can set the start and end points of the AWV. He said the car was parked a few inches from the destination.

The company says the car can run for up to 8 hours on a single charge. Even in high temperature environments.

According to Honda, the AWV can travel up to 45 kilometers even with maximum payload capacity, depending on the application.

The automaker aims to improve the performance and design of the AMV. It can also provide the ability to add accessories and tools. The company has not announced its intention to release a commercial version of AMV.

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