PETLIBRO Smart Food Dispenser Automatic Cat Feeder
PETLIBRO Smart Food Dispenser Automatic Cat Feeder

PETLIBRO PLAF101 Automatic Cat Food Dispenser, 2.4G WiFi Smart Food Dispenser, with Stainless Steel Dry Food Bowl, APP Control, Up to 10 Meals per Day, 10 Seconds Recorder, 4L/6L

 Save time, come closer

Animals need love, attention and care. PETLIBRO automatic feeder helps take care of your pet with adjustable feeding time and portion size, you can set it up quickly with the APP remote control according to your pet's age, weight and activity. Even if you are away, your pet will be fed regularly, and by your recording as a call streamer, it will be in close contact with you and will feel safe.

Manual feeding and demand control

Record your sound for 10 seconds so your pet knows it's time to eat. Manual feeding feature can easily add extra treats to your pet. Press and hold the "FEED" button for 10 seconds. If the indicator light flashes twice, it means that the setting field is closed.

Humanized design

4L large capacity, humanized design of the hygienic PETLIBRO automatic feeder, requires both sides to open hands, convenient and easy, but can also prevent animals from falling and overeating.

Integrated drying cabinet

Use a dehydrator bag (one included) to keep dry food cold in the feeding basket so your pet can eat fresh, delicious food with every meal. Remember to change it every six months.

PETLIBRO Smart Food Dispenser Automatic Cat Feeder
PETLIBRO Smart Food Dispenser Automatic Cat Feeder

  •     EASY FEED VIA PHONE APP: A great feeding dispenser with APP remote control. Use your mobile phone (Android and iOS) to feed your pet anytime, anywhere and keep track of feeding records for management control. The time and number of automatic pet feeding can be set remotely and shared with multiple accounts, which is easy to set up. Support 2.4GHz network only
  •     Precise quantity control and healthy animal life: 4 liters of delicious food for dogs and cats. Up to 10 meals depending on your pet's schedule. From 1 to 12 servings. About 2.5 teaspoons per serving - 1/2 cup of dry food per serving Make sure she's eating healthy. By using the dryer, the automatic feeder can keep the food cool. (Search for "B08NVBYQHV" to replace it)
  •     10 SECONDS PERSONAL FEEDING CALL: Record and listen to your voice message so that your pet can better adapt to the automatic feeder while feeding. Automation reminds your pets that it is time to eat. Don't feel lonely when hearing your recording
  •     DETACHABLE STAINLESS STEEL COMPARTMENT: Food grade stainless steel tray provides healthy and healthy feeding and protects your pet from chin acne. Detachable design, convenient disassembly and assembly, convenient cleaning. 2 inch deep feeding tray, convenient feeding experience for pets to eat and relax easily
  •     Dual Power Mode: Charger is powered using the supplied power supply unit or 3D batteries (not included). The backup battery ensures that your pet is fed even in the event of a power outage. It is recommended to use the battery and the adapter at the same time to avoid power failure

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