Instagram introduces text-to-speech effects for reels
Instagram introduces text-to-speech effects for reels

Instagram has added two features to Reels, which are text-to-speech and sound effects. These functions are common on the Tik Tok platform. But content creators can now use it on Meta platforms as well.

When Instagram launched a short video format called Reels, it clearly wanted to attract TikTok users.

Keeping up with TikTok in terms of short videos is another effort on Instagram as the Meta-owned platform offers ample rewards to help motivate content creators.

Text-to-speech is essential to access because it can help blind and visually impaired people understand written text.

But videos of the voices made by these bots have become so popular on TikTok that the voice actors behind the feature have sued the company for not allowing them to use its footage.

After filing a complaint, TikTok changed the voice behind the feature.

Content creators often use text-to-speech audio feedback instead of accessibility features. But because the monotonous, computerized narrative content is very interesting.

The text-to-speech tool is located in the Text tool in Reels Camera. After saving or downloading the video, preview it to add text.

Both of these features are popular in Tik Tok

After adding text, a text bubble will appear at the bottom of the screen for users to indicate when that piece of text is displayed.

But now you can click on the three dots icon to open a menu for each text bubble and you can add the text to the voiceover.

There are two audio options to choose from. But with sound effects, you can get more creative with video menus.

These features allow you to change the voice or sound of the message. To see these effects, after the reel has been recorded, you can click on the notes to open the blending tool. Then you'll see a list of effects that you can use to change the sound in the reels or voiceovers.

New features are now being introduced to mobile application users. With these features, the platform hopes to attract those who do not wish to use reels due to their absence.

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