Facebook wants to change the recommendation process for the supervisory board
Facebook wants to change the recommendation process for the supervisory board

Facebook's board of directors got its start less than a year ago. However, the company said it could not follow the group's recommendations and indicated that it hoped to work with the board of directors to improve the recommendation process.

Even if it is not yet clear what these changes can achieve. However, these changes indicate that the company is looking to change the way it deals with the independent agency it created to oversee content policies.

In a new report on the company's cooperation with the board of directors, Facebook finds that it has introduced important changes based on the recommendations of the board of directors.

These changes include updating how we deal with hate speech and nudity, and how we identify interesting news content. But Facebook is now indicating that it wants to change the recommendation process.

"Although we have made these important changes as a result of the Board's recommendations, we believe that the current design of the recommendation process may not be the best way to achieve the long-term structural changes that the Board is pushing us to make," she said. We are working with the Board and our internal teams to explore other ways to potentially improve the recommendation process.

The company wrote in its report that the frequency and number of recommendations does not allow it enough time to evaluate and implement these recommendations.

Facebook and policy recommendations for unlisted board

According to Facebook, most of the commission's recommendations require more than a dozen people to assess feasibility. And it's not easy to do it in 30 days.

The company added that it may take a long time to figure out how to incorporate policy recommendations into the development of its existing products.

A representative of the Oversight Board said: The Board of Directors is working with Meta to enhance the implementation of our recommendations by the company. We encourage them to be more transparent when reviewing content and to treat all users fairly.

He added, “So far we have made more than 70 recommendations for the company and they agree with most of them. But there is still a lot to be done. We are closely watching how the company responds to our recommendations. And we will.” Continuing to publicly report on how we see progress in Implement these recommendations.

However, it is not clear what changes can be made through the potential changes that Facebook introduces. But the fact that the company is trying to fundamentally change the way it deals with its board of directors is significant.

The company suggests that other platforms also use the board of directors to oversee content guidelines. But he now claims that it is difficult to follow the processes designed by leaders and politicians. This change could weaken the influence that the council could exert.

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