Lockheed Martin develops 5G solutions for the US military
Lockheed Martin develops 5G solutions for the US military

Lockheed Martin plans to bring 5G technology to the Department of Defense and has announced a partnership with Keysight to develop 5G.MIL communications solutions for defense and national security applications and conduct military communications tests over terrestrial networks and satellites.

5G has evolved into a revolutionary technology in the business sector in recent years. It is present in smartphones and tablets. It can enable high speed internet outside the user's home wireless network.

Lockheed Martin is leveraging its commercial expertise to rapidly and inexpensively expand, tune and integrate 5G technology into critical operations on land, sea, air, space and electronic devices.

Keysight's comprehensive 5G testing platform provides the ability to develop customized solutions that meet the rigorous requirements of the defense industry.

The Department of Defense is interested in new communications solutions, including the Starlink constellation of SpaceX satellites.

The addition of 5G solutions to the Department of Defense's communications and networking infrastructure is a major change.

To ensure the resilience of the 5G.MIL network during its development and potential use phases, Lockheed Martin worked with Keysight. Keysight has extensive experience testing 5G solutions.

As a result, the two companies signed a letter of intent to work together strategically to help create a testing base.

Providing secure, transparent and future-oriented communication links to provide services to land, sea and air operations depends on the successful integration of 5G networks, satellites, drones, artificial intelligence and cloud technologies.

Use Keysight's suite of flexible, scalable, and fully automatic testing, measurement, verification, and optimization tools.

Lockheed Martin delivers 5G to the Department of Defense

The two companies are conducting automated testing to assess the cybersecurity resilience and vulnerabilities of all potential components and interfaces of the 5G.MIL solution. The test reached its first operational status in July.

The two companies have since announced that they have teamed up to simulate, test and verify access networks for open 5G WiFi and underground connections.

Lockheed Martin has conducted the latest testing of 5G and hybrid networks in the aerospace and defense industries.

Both companies are now keen to incorporate new skills and emerging research that meet Department of Defense requirements. The goal of the partnership is to adapt commercial 5G technology to the tactical communications needs of terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks operated by the Department of Defense.

It also aims to develop technologies that can be quickly and inexpensively integrated into critical land, sea, air, space and network operations.

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