M1 processors saved Apple and new MacBook versions attracted professionals
M1 processors saved Apple and new MacBook versions attracted professionals

Apple produces different computers. However, it has been difficult for professionals to use in recent years as the company has withheld many necessary specifications and features from its users.

Photographers, designers and content producers are perhaps the hardest hit by Apple's MacBook Pro guidelines. Indeed, in addition to high performance, the company also robbed them of the diversity of their capabilities.

However, the introduction of the M1 processor clearly helped put things back on track. This is because the first version of the M1 has great performance and is an unconventional ARM processor that can reduce power consumption and noise.

The M1 processor has been adopted by a large number of devices including MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops, as well as Mac mini and iMac desktops.

Despite the high performance of the first version of the M1 processor, users undoubtedly need more. In fact, the new version of the MacBook Pro computers offers more powerful M1 Pro and M1 Max processors, but they are not satisfied with this.

M1 processor and Apple update for MacBook

Apple made many design mistakes with its MacBook computers. This is because the company removed the SD card connector in 2016. The company also removed the HDMI port and the USB-A port.

This update affects the experience for professionals who regularly need to connect accessories and other devices to their MacBook.

Apple also introduced the butterfly keyboard in some versions and all users hate it. However, the company reversed all of these moves. This is where recent versions of the MacBook Pro have brought back the ports and introduced traditional keyboards.

In addition, the company also abandoned the Touch Bar, which has long been used in the Pro version.

By relying on M1 Pro and M1 Max processors (which are two integrated chips), users achieve the highest performance compared to professional processors and graphics cards, taking into account port availability and past error resolution.

Therefore, the company offers a special integrated package for professionals in the new version. Apple switched from Intel and AMD cards and processors to their own within a year. Shows keen interest in this market.

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