Meta wants to create a safe virtual reality experience
Meta wants to create a safe virtual reality experience

Andrew Bosworth, chief technology officer at Meta (formerly Facebook) warned employees that creating a secure VR experience is an important part of his business plan. But this, too, should be largely impossible.

In an internal memo to the Financial Times, Bosworth said he hopes the virtual event's security level will approach that of Disney.

Despite the fact that the third-party developer space may have more flexible standards than content generated through Meta direct

If harassment or other harmful behaviors keep ordinary consumers away from virtual reality, these behaviors could pose an existential threat to the company's plans for the physical Internet in the future.

At the same time, Bosworth said, it is almost impossible to modify user behavior on a meaningful scale. Bosworth cites the impossibility theory of Mike Masnick, founder of the Techdirt blog.

The theory posits that it is impossible to fine-tune the content on a large scale. Masnick emphasized that this theory is not an argument against demands for better management. But big systems always frustrate a lot of people.

Bosworth seems to suggest that Meta could use stricter versions of existing community rules to organize spaces like Horizon World VR.

Meta: Neglect is an existential threat

Although the full memo has not been published, Bosworth posted a blog suggesting it. The blog post "Keeping People Safe in VR and Other Areas" mentions several of the company's VR-based audit tools.

This also means that people can block other users in VR. In conjunction with the Horizon Comprehensive Monitoring System to monitor and report misbehavior.

The company has also pledged to invest $50 million to investigate the practical and ethical issues surrounding its Metaverse project.

Old meta platforms like Facebook and Instagram are criticized for serious moderation errors. This includes slow and inadequate responses to content that incites hatred and violence.

The company's recent rebranding provides a potential new starting point. But as the note indicates, the virtual world and virtual reality may face a number of new problems in addition to the existing ones.

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