Miami removes electric scooters from its streets
Miami removes electric scooters from its streets

The Miami City Council voted to end electric scooter trials for several years, and the committee approved the pocket clause to end the scooter trial. The decree entered into force on November 18 at midnight.

From 2018, Miami residents and tourists will be able to rent electric scooters through mobile apps. The operators of these vehicles are required to take them back, otherwise there is a risk of confiscation.

No matter where the scooter is used, it usually causes some controversy. But this two-wheeled scooter caused particular controversies in Miami.

Supporters say this will help reduce car use and connect residents to transportation hubs. Critics say this is impractical, but it closes sidewalks and risks injuring unqualified drivers themselves in traffic.

Scooter companies are angry at the vote. "We are deeply disappointed by the hasty and short-sighted steps the commission has taken to end the scooter program," Lyft said in a statement. This has eliminated and rejected the safe and popular transportation options used daily by thousands of Miami residents. Dozens of workers.

In his speech at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Lyft cited recent comments from Miami Mayor Francis Suarez about sharing electric small cars. She told the mayor: “We hope he can stand up against UNHCR on behalf of Miami residents and tourists.

"It is a shock to the tens of thousands of runners and dozens of workers in Miami that we employ," Lime said in a statement. We have long worked with the City of Miami to provide safe, affordable, and sustainable transportation to residents and visitors alike, and we have invested millions of dollars in our small transportation program.

Scooter operators have been ordered to take back them

Committee members who voted to end the experiment said the motive was emphatic. Other cities ban scooters for safety reasons.

Nashville ended the trial of a man killed by a driver while riding a motorcycle in 2019. The Nashville trial began again a few months later.

Supporters of small vehicles often point out that cars and trucks pose the greatest danger to people on the road.

If a person is injured while driving a small vehicle or other light vehicle, it is usually because the city has not taken measures to protect them, such as creating protected bike lanes, lowering speed limits, or reinforcing guidelines that promote walking or cycling and mopeds. They believe that getting rid of small cars reinforces the idea that roads are for cars, not people.

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