Microsoft brings video and audio editing functionality to Office
Microsoft brings video and audio editing functionality to Office

Microsoft expands the Office suite of productivity with multimedia authoring tools. As part of the complete update suite, the company is adding Clipchamp video editing to the suite.

Newly acquired web tools can help you create professional-looking clips regardless of your skill level.

You can create videos for other Office projects. Microsoft also sees Clipchamp as a simple editing tool for personal snapshots.

Clipchamp's user interface, along with powerful features and a comprehensive inventory library, helps users turn their video information into reality.

The company is adding PowerPoint Recording Studio so you can record audio when you can't present directly.

And with Recording Studio, you can customize the background, annotate slides, and choose different views for recording and displaying content with ease.

You can also annotate the slideshow, customize the background, and choose the programs that help you record.

After the recording is complete, you can preview the presentation and, if necessary, re-record specific slides or the entire presentation. The company expects the recording studio feature to be generally available in early 2022.

The Office Productivity Suite has traditionally helped you create documents, spreadsheets, and slides. These things are still very important. But we are also aware of the huge demand for digital content, especially video.

Companies use AI to make recommendations

Other updates are more specific. But it's useful in the right circumstances, too. The company is looking into Context IQ, an AI experience for Microsoft 365 that provides contextual suggestions in the editor.

It also gives you related contacts if you want to tag people or suggest meeting times when everyone is available.

Developers also have better reasons to try Excel. The company provides a JavaScript framework in a spreadsheet that you can use to create custom data types and functions in the web language.

JavaScript will be available as a preview later in November. Although many Excel users do not need it. However, if your job is all about data, this can be useful.

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