Microsoft wants to build the Metaverse into Xbox games
Microsoft wants to build the Metaverse into Xbox games

The software giant has announced that the Microsoft Teams meeting and video calling platform has entered the world of Metaverse. But the company also has gaming and entertainment plans.

The company's president, Satya Nadella, said in an interview with Bloomberg that the software manufacturer is focusing on gaming in the Xbox meta world.

"You can expect us to do things in the game," Nadella said. If you think of Halo as a game, it is a superuniverse. Minecraft is the metaverse, just like Flight Sim. In a way, it's 2D today, and the question is whether you can turn it into a mature 3D world. We are fully planning this.

Since he's seen what the company can do to turn Minecraft into a hyperreal world of virtual reality and immersive headphones, wait.

When the HoloLens were first launched, the company first demonstrated the capabilities of Minecraft through augmented reality, which surprised those who tried the experience.

It looks like a special Minecraft HoloLens that was made six years ago. But so far we've only seen Minecraft Earth, an augmented reality mobile game.

Turning Minecraft, Halo, and Flight Sims into a full 3D world is an ambitious project, especially if these environments allow players to explore with VR headsets and immersive reality.

Minecraft in Metaverse

Microsoft Flight Simulator has a lot to offer in this regard, as players can fly planes in a multiplayer environment that simulates real-world weather and location. Flight Sim and Minecraft also support virtual reality.

When we saw Minecraft move to larger 3D game models, Nadella didn't give a timeline.

The company's ads mainly focus on 3D avatars and shared virtual spaces. Xbox has had its own 3D avatar for many years.

The question is how Minecraft will adapt its social network and AltspaceVR games to the Xbox Metaverse app, and whether the company will bring VR and AR headsets to the Xbox platform.

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