Microsoft Edge becomes your personal shopping assistant
Microsoft Edge becomes your personal shopping assistant

It's been two years since Microsoft launched the Edge web browser. On its second anniversary, the company is adding several new features to make the browser your favorite.

The company plans to add a new price tracker to its web browser, as well as a new feature. If the password is leaked online, people can easily change the password.

Price tracking will be available soon. It is designed to keep track of recently viewed products and remind you to beware of price changes.

The company places great importance on improving shopping through its web browser and offers price comparisons, price history, and coupons built into Edge.

This feature is about to be rolled out and integrated with the browser, said Liat Ben-Tzur, the CEO of Microsoft responsible for the company's modern life plan. So keep browsing as usual, and Edge will notify you if the price of any item you've viewed has changed recently.

It's not clear how the company deals with the obvious privacy concerns of keeping track of the products you search online and the prices that come with them.

The company has traditionally put many privacy-focused controls in Edge. So I hope to see similar options here.

Speaking of data protection: the browser has also received a new practical password tool. The company is experimenting with a new feature in Edge that makes it easier to update the password if the password is leaked online.

If you allow it, the browser will monitor the leaked password and you will soon be able to go directly to the site's change password page to get the appropriate credentials.

Edge then generates a new, unique, and secure password. “First of all, minor updates are available on a limited number of websites. But we are working hard to add to this list in the coming months,” said Ben-Tzur.

Microsoft Edge gets new features

The company said that one of our main focuses is to make the shopping experience fast and seamless. A year ago, we announced integrated autofill coupons and active price comparisons in specific countries so you can save time and money when shopping online.

We continue to add to our suite of shopping features as we roll out more built-in tools and help you plan your next purchase by providing historical product price trends. We also give you easy access to expert reviews and customer reviews. We have also improved the checkout process for guests.

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