The new generation of Chinese hackers will not consist of criminals
The new generation of Chinese hackers will not consist of criminals

People are currently living in the age of digital advancement as most of the operations are based on electronic systems. As a result, digital piracy has become a major threat to systems, companies, and governments. There is no doubt that Chinese hackers are well educated.

Most of the world's countries, especially the great powers, have begun to develop the skills and capabilities to launch or defend themselves against cyber attacks and China is no exception.

Chinese hackers have a long history of successful cyber attacks, some of which were launched with the knowledge of the Chinese government. Some hackers' contacts with China's Ministry of National Security (MSA) have prevented them from being penalized.

These attacks are not necessarily disruptive or destructive, but most of them are aimed at espionage and intelligence gathering. In fact, the US Department of Justice exposed several spying attacks by two Chinese hackers. Network security company FireEye also released similar information.

According to many reports, the Chinese government is very interested in this field. But it seems that the next generation of Chinese hackers will not be portrayed as criminals because they will gain knowledge and experience in China, both academically and officially.

The new generation of hackers in China

The Chinese government has announced the establishment of a new training center for cybersecurity experts on behalf of the national cybersecurity innovation and talent base. The center is being built in the famous Chinese city of Wuhan.

The new center can train up to 70,000 students each year. In 2017, through the Central Department of Cyber ​​Security, China announced an educational program in some Chinese schools that also aims to train security professionals.

Of course, these educational institutions will be able to train cyber security professionals and no doubt a large part of them will know how to get in because people who know how to protect a home need to know how to get into it. Enter and break his protection. In a simple example.

According to forecasts and reports, in a few years, China will be able to deal more professionally with cybersecurity and its opposite problems. This is because it is currently reported to rely in some way on independent hackers.

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