Microsoft Teams integration in Windows 11 is handy
Microsoft Teams integration in Windows 11 is handy

The software giant is adding useful new Microsoft Teams integrations to Windows 11 as part of the Windows 11 Preview build number 22499 in the development channel.

We introduced the ability to mute active conference calls and retry right from the system tray. We are now announcing the expansion of this experiment. The ability to quickly share content from open application windows directly from the taskbar to the conference call.

This experience eliminates the need to navigate the app just to share or reshare windows. The meeting participants are not bothered by what they see on the screen as any windows that open during a call can be shared.

If you hover over a running app in the system tray, you'll see a new button that you can use to share your window with attendees.

After sharing the content, move the mouse over the window again and click Stop sharing, or select another window and click Share this window.

When giving a full screen presentation in PowerPoint, just move the mouse down and the taskbar can split the presentation on or off without disturbing the audience.

The software manufacturer has begun testing the functionality of Windows 11 that enables users of the communication platform to navigate an open window via the taskbar and quickly share the contents of the window with a phone call.

This makes it easier for Microsoft Teams and other communication apps to share screens through Windows 11.

The company originally used Microsoft Teams for testing, work or school, rather than the consumer version built into Windows 11.

According to Amanda Langosky, Director of Windows Insider, this means that not everyone can see it right away through the platform's offerings. We plan to bring it home later.

Windows 11 makes it easy to share your screen during a video call

It is not limited to the business platform. Langowski explained that other communication apps can add this functionality to their apps as well. The conference call sharing feature applies only to the current conference call.

This means that apps like Slack or Zoom can integrate this functionality into their apps so that Windows 11 users can easily share what's on the screen during video calls.

It is not known when the company will introduce this feature in Windows 11. However, due to the length of testing, it should be released in early 2022.

The company is still testing only a subset of Windows Insiders. Thus, installing the Dev Channel version of Windows 11 does not guarantee that you can test it right now.

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