Microsoft allows you to freely install PC games
Microsoft allows you to freely install PC games

Microsoft allows Windows users to install PC games from their Store or Xbox Game Pass, with unlimited access to any PC in any folder of their choice.

This allows PC gamers to freely access and edit game folders. Or let Windows users freely move the game to any folder or CD.

These changes are part of the Xbox app update for Windows, which is currently being tested internally. The Xbox app update fixes an issue with installing games from Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Players are having issues with the Microsoft Store, a restricted WindowsApps folder, or they can't fully control where to install the game.

Although Microsoft previously supported mods for specific games in its store, opening game folder permissions now allows more games to support mods without the player having to activate them in-game.

Traditionally, the Microsoft Store used Windows-based folder permissions to restrict access to the location where you installed the game, which made it difficult to freely save or move the game.

If you're reinstalling Windows and need to install the game from a secondary drive, that's a problem. Or if you uninstall an installed game from the Microsoft Store, but it still takes up space.

The Microsoft Store is getting close to Steam when it comes to games

Other PC game players such as Steam allow players to backup, restore, and review games.

The new Xbox app update includes options to check and repair the files that should be used to save the game.

There is also a new option to browse the installation directory of the file. Change the disk on which the game is installed. And choose a folder designated for installation.

The company focused on a more open way to install PC games from its store.

"We hope to give gamers more options to personalize their Xbox experience," said Jason Beaumont, associate director of Xbox Experience and Project Management. We will continue to release updates as we roll out more features.

The Xbox app update is currently being tested internally at Microsoft. The company hasn't publicly explained these new install features.

The updated apps are expected to appear soon, especially since the company is planning to release a free version of the multiplayer game Halo Infinite on December 8th.

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