Microsoft won't give up on Bing anytime soon
Microsoft won't give up on Bing anytime soon

It is difficult for any company to compete with Google, even Microsoft itself, especially in Internet search, which is Google's primary field of activity and a source of huge and growing profits.

As we all know, Microsoft has its own search engine, Bing, which is not widely used and many users may not have heard of it. So the concept of Bing has always been associated with failure.

However, this is not the case for a search engine with a 12-year history that replaced the predecessors of MSN Search and Windows Live Search.

Search engine Bing generated $7.74 billion in sales in fiscal year 2020. Perhaps those profits show us that they haven't failed, and Microsoft isn't counting them. Although Google made $147 billion in the same period.

Although, Google has been very successful in the internet search space, especially with its huge ad network. However, Microsoft has an add-on which is the Windows operating system. It is mainly based on the Bing search engine.

Microsoft is not giving up on Bing

Windows primarily depends on the Bing search engine unless the user changes its settings. Microsoft also has a large number of applications and services associated with the Bing engine.

The company also won a new contract to manage Yahoo! Search. Like AOL and other Verizon operators, while still not able to compete with Google, these platforms have already received a lot of traffic.

Although Microsoft's market capitalization in the US is only 5.67%, there are still a large number of business users or startups who place ad campaigns on Microsoft's search engine.

In its advertising network based on the search engine Bing, Microsoft is giving a huge advantage by positioning itself as a marketing advantage over Google. Microsoft also has LinkedIn for professionals, including its own advertising network.

According to the company, most of the search engine users are 35 or older, so they are more likely to have children, and there is no doubt that this audience has drawn thousands of advertisers to the platform.

The company has many future plans. Many of them focus on Bing. Hence, the company has no plans to give up any time soon. Or maybe not because it is a strategic product.

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