Moto Watch 100 does not work on Wear OS
Moto Watch 100 does not work on Wear OS

A wholly owned subsidiary of CE Brands and strategic brand partner eBuyNow for Motorola has announced the launch of the Moto Watch 100.

The Moto Watch 100 was initially sold in the United States and Canada through

The original Motorola Moto 360 was one of the few Wear OS (later Android Wear) watches. But Motorola stopped producing smartwatches in 2016.

The watch received a new version in 2019 sponsored by another company. Two years later, eBuyNow released the Moto Watch 100, an affordable smartwatch. For the first time, this does not apply to Wear OS.

Instead, this new watch uses special software called Moto OS. This represents a significant change compared to the Moto series of watches.

This means that it has followed in the footsteps of modern watches such as the Huawei Watch 3, OnePlus Watch, and all Fitbit smartwatches since the launch of the Ionic in 2017.

There is evidence in the press release as to why. According to eBuyNow, this watch is aimed at first-time smartwatch users and provides a streamlined health and wellness experience. Moto OS greatly extends battery life.

eBuyNow claims the watch can run for 14 days on a single charge and has built-in GPS, continuous heart rate monitoring, and a SpO2 sensor to measure oxygen levels in the blood.

There is currently no Wear OS watch on the market that can do all this and last more than two days.

This watch offers good specs of a smartwatch for $99.99. In addition to its hygienic properties, it can also be used while swimming and is water resistant to 5 atm. It supports fast charging and has a 1.3 inch LCD screen. But there is no external application.

The Moto Watch 100 has a long battery life

Fitbit has been supported by FitbitOS for many years and offers apps like Pandora, Starbucks, and Spotify.

It also has an open SDK that developers can use to create faces and apps to make up for the lack of options in the Fitbit app library.

Fitbit is a major player in this field. However, attempts by other companies to mimic this have failed. Huawei Watch 3, for example, has powerful hardware. But the Hongmeng system is limited to non-essential Huawei apps.

At the same time, OnePlus is also trying to put battery life first. Dislike.

The OnePlus Watch was so bad when it launched in April that it was unusable. Two weeks of battery life isn't enough to compensate for OS issues.

The Moto Watch 100 is available in black and silver. It is also compatible with iOS and Android. However, iOS users will have to wait until December to use the Moto iOS app.

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