Waymo partners with UPS on self-driving trucks
Waymo partners with UPS on self-driving trucks

Waymo and UPS are expanding their nearly two-year partnership to use the company's automated fleet of trucks for delivery.

These companies have previously used Waymo's self-driving trucks to deliver goods to the site. But the two companies are now working together to transport goods over longer distances.

Delivery takes place in Texas, where Waymo is building a hub for autonomous trucks. By the end of this year, the two companies will work together to move cargo between locations in Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston.

Both companies collected data during the pilot process, with particular attention to safety and efficiency.

Waymo is currently testing fifth-generation driverless in its fleet of Series 8 trucks, the term used to describe transmissions, sensors and AI software suites.

The company also works with JB Hunt Transportation Services to move goods on several Texas highways. In addition, the company continues to work with Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes, to develop a Level 4 autonomous drive system for trucks.

While most of the public's attention is focused on Waymo's self-driving pickup trucks used as part of a ride-sharing service in Arizona, little attention has been paid to its plans to announce the start of its own commercial freight operations.

Waymo owns independent trucks

The company has a fleet of Peterbilt trucks that have been upgraded with sensors and self-driving software. It is currently being tested in Arizona, California, and Texas.

The truck will run automatically during testing and commercial delivery. But there are two company employees - a driver with a commercial license and a software engineer - sitting in the cab and watching over the driver.

The company has been researching autonomous trucks since 2017 and plans to launch a large freight and delivery service called Waymo Via.

For UPS, this collaboration is an opportunity to realize its vision for the future, including electric cars, self-driving cars and drones.

In addition to Waymo, UPS has also tested the use of self-driving trucks developed by a startup called TuSimple. She said she was buying 10,000 electric vans from a British start-up called Reach.

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