Polestar Introduces Electric Precept in 2024
Polestar Introduces Electric Precept in 2024

The electric company Polestar Precept - a project to manufacture prototype cars - has a new name and an official release date.

According to the electric performance brand that appeared on Volvo's series, the Precept was named Polestar 5 and announced that it will start production in 2024.

When Polestar first introduced the concept in early 2020, it was seen as only a vehicle with a sporty concept, a software system based on Google Android and an interior with durable materials.

In September of the same year, the company announced that the Precept would soon go into production.

The company has not specified when this will be the case. But she said vaguely that it would happen before 2025.

Since then, the company has spotted a few details about the Precept, including YouTube videos, to get a glimpse into the design, development, and entire virtual production process.

The company's latest video focuses on exterior design inspiration, sharks and airplanes. Most of the video, about 4 minutes, was spent with Precept's director of exterior design, Nahum Escobedo.

The Polestar 5's distinctive rear has long, aerodynamic plumage lights, another early design feature that appears to be compatible with the production version.

The company did not reveal any specifications such as battery life or power source in this new video.

After Polestar 3, this all-electric SUV will go into series production in 2022.

Polestar's first production car is the US$155,000 plug-in hybrid Tourer Polestar 1. The 100% electric Polestar 2 sedan will follow in 2020.

Precept from Polestar Coming in 2024

There is no news of what the Polestar 4 will be, provided the company continues to use digital signage.

Polestar has grown into one of the most attractive electric vehicle manufacturers on the market. The company is jointly owned by Volvo and its parent company Geely and recently announced its intention to go public. You do this through a merger with a private acquisition company or PSPC.

Polestar 5 is a four-door hatchback sedan in the rear. The company calls it the electric performance Grand Touring four-door. This could mean that it is in competition with other luxury electric cars. Like Tesla's Model S, Mercedes EQS and Audi's E-tron GT.

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