Reddit shuts down Dubsmash's short video app
Reddit shuts down Dubsmash's short video app

Reddit has announced that it will be shutting down the Dubsmash short video app on February 22, 2022. The app will no longer be available in the App Store from February and use of the app will be discontinued on multiple devices.

As a competitor to TikTok, Reddit acquired Dubsmash late last year with the goal of integrating its video creation tools into a larger platform.

Towards the end of the merger, due to a planned acquisition by the Dubsmash team, the platform launched a number of new video creation tools for TikTok-like video streams.

“When it comes to acquisitions, our primary focus has always been learning from the team and introducing the technology we've built at Dubsmash over the past five years,” said Suchet Dash, Vice President of Video at Reddit. Founder of Dubsmash.

As part of the update, the platform will overhaul the camera by adding features that allow you to change video speed, set timers, set and trim multiple clips, and download videos in landscape and portrait mode.

The platform has also created some unique shots, including shots of your face stuck on a slice of bread. The platform also implements a full editing interface that allows you to easily edit videos in the app instead of forcing you to use third-party editing tools.

The platform now allows you to apply filters, add voiceovers, adjust volume, use stickers, rearrange your clips, and experiment with drawing tools.

While there is a lot of Dubsmash innovation going on on Reddit, rebuilding this vibrant Dubsmash community can be challenging.

Since Dubsmash debuted in 2014, the app has become the focus of many content creators who need to switch to another app before shutting down.

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Dash stated that the video is becoming increasingly popular on the platform. He said it was one of our fastest growing types of content. This year alone, the total time watching videos on the platform increased by 70%. With a 30 percent increase in daily active viewers.

Ratings for short videos are also up 50% every quarter.

The platform launched a TikTok-style feed through its iOS app in August. It contains a number of short videos, you can rate, comment or share these short videos positively or negatively.

The platform doesn't seem to have any immediate plans to incorporate audio or music into creative tools. "We're always excited about new use cases for YouTubers," Dash said. So we don't have a plan at the moment. But we are always looking for new ways to contribute to society.

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