EG Air Quality Pollution Monitor Formaldehyde Detector
EG Air Quality Pollution Monitor Formaldehyde Detector

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Are you blind to house smells or dust?

Check several indicators of the air quality in your home. The air quality monitor has a built-in fan that can monitor temperature (°C), humidity, formaldehyde (HCHO), total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) and fine particulate matter (PM2.5 / PM1) accurately in real time. 0 / PM10). Formaldehyde is a carcinogen that is harmful to the environment, but it is odorless at low concentrations. Detecting airborne volatile organic compounds that the human nose cannot detect.


Check when to change the air filter in your home. When the window is opened, note the total VOC content inside and the low formaldehyde. Find out where air quality is poor and where your allergies can be exacerbated. Uncontrollable allergies along with an unexplained cough, runny nose, and shortness of breath can be signs of sick building syndrome.

  •  Versatile and scientific, like our latest model, the indoor air quality monitor can accurately assess Celsius temperature, humidity and various air quality indicators including formaldehyde concentration, natural and man-made volatile organic compounds (TVOC) and particulate matter. Particulate matter (PM2.5 / PM1.0 / PM10) penetrates deep into the bronchi and reaches the alveoli.
  • Portable Test - Check indoor air quality anywhere or leave appliances turned on for continuous monitoring. This portable air quality tester can help monitor the air quality in homes, cars and hotel rooms. When micro USB 5V charging is not available, the lithium battery provides portable power. Information is displayed on a clear 2.8 inch color LCD screen 320 x 240 pixels.
  • Advanced Fans and Sensors - This air quality monitor has a built-in fan that can quickly draw ambient air for real-time measurements. It consists of a laser sensor to measure the concentration of dust particles and a second electrochemical solid-state sensor to check air quality (including formaldehyde content and natural/synthetic organic compounds).
  • healthy home? Does your family suffer from sick building syndrome? This air quality tester can detect many organic compounds in household products, such as: B-formaldehyde which is believed to be linked to nose and lung cancer. By measuring particulate pollution, air pollution monitors can also help you understand when asthma may worsen and when your home's air filter should be replaced.
  • AMERICAN DESIGN AND SUPPORT - We have Midwest technicians including chemists to answer any questions you may have. It will also include an e-book on gas and air quality hazards in over 20 pages. We have worked with the supplier who owns the design rights to this air quality detector so that you can safely test this product.

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