Fibaro FGBHFS-101 Flood Water and Temperature Sensor
Fibaro FGBHFS-101 Flood Water and Temperature Sensor

Fibaro FGBHFS-101 Temperature Sensor Water Leak Sensor And White Water Sensor

Leak monitoring has become high-tech! The FIBA ​​RO Apple HomeKit Flood Sensor is a wireless, battery-powered water and temperature sensor that can detect and warn you of water leaks and temperature changes. You can also use the Siri voice command to check the device's status and even ask about the temperature of the sensor. The sensor uses Apple HomeKit technology, which is an easy and secure way to use Siri on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to control HomeKit-enabled accessories. The flood sensor's compact size allows you to flexibly place it in key places to monitor, such as near a hot water tank, under the sink and washing machine. In addition, the unique telescopic legs ensure continuous contact between the water sensor and the surface on which it is placed. If your pet thinks it's a toy, the built-in tamper alarm will warn you when it has been moved from its ideal location.

easy to use

You can configure the FIBA ​​RO Water Leak Detector directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in a few simple steps using the FIBA ​​RO app or the home app.


A flood sensor is more than just a leak detector. Its design combines many useful functions to ensure safety and ease of use.

instant notification

The system immediately notifies you of any leaks it detects or tries to tamper by sending a notification to your smartphone.

remote control

Use an Apple HomeKit hub (such as a Hompod, Apple TV, or iPad) to remotely access HomeKit accessories and control your home directly from your iPhone.

don't drown

The built-in alarm helps you respond quickly in the event of a leak or tampering with the device.

voice command

All you have to do is ask Siri to check the status of the water leak detector. If you have a HomeKit hub such as an Apple TV or HomePod at home, you can do so anywhere in the world. Isn't that sexy?

 Discover FIBARO

FIBARO is a global brand providing home automation and home automation solutions. In just a few years, the FIBARO system has spread to 6 continents and has become one of the most advanced wireless smart home systems in the world.

Our solutions are designed, developed and produced entirely in Europe. Our engineers and staff keep striving for perfection by improving the system so that it can best serve users.

Fibaro FGBHFS-101 Flood Water and Temperature Sensor
Fibaro FGBHFS-101 Flood Water and Temperature Sensor

  •  The FIBARO Flood Sensor is an Apple HomeKit-enabled water leak detector to protect your home from potential water damage
  • If there's a water leak in your home, you'll get an instant notification on your iPhone (if your iPhone is out of Bluetooth range, you'll need an Apple TV or HomePod).
  • FIBARO flood sensor is also equipped with visual and acoustic alarm devices so that it can be used as a standalone device
  • The FIBARO Flood Sensor can be set to operate the lamp that supports the home kit. When a water leak is detected, the lamp will change to any preset color.
  • Installation is super easy: just place it under the sink or next to the tube, add it to the Apple Home app, and you're ready to go!

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