Eve Smart Water Controller for Sprinkler or Irrigation System
Eve Smart Water Controller for Sprinkler or Irrigation System

Eve 10EBM4101 Smart Home Aqua-Apple HomeKit, Smart Water Controller for Sprinklers or Watering Systems, Automation with Table, Bluetooth and Thread, App Compatibility

Use the Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller to activate your irrigation system via iPhone, Siri, or a button on the control panel and then turn it off automatically. You can also quickly and easily set up a program in the Eve app with which Eve Aqua can water your garden and garden plants completely automatically, without an internet connection, bridges or gates. Eve Aqua is compatible with all common multi-channel hoses and water dispenser systems (eg the Gardena) and provides 7 watering intervals. Eve Aqua turns an ordinary outdoor faucet into a smart water outlet that keeps your garden and plants happy and healthy even when you're away. In addition to Bluetooth, Eve Aqua also supports threading. This technology makes your smart home network more responsive, robust, and extends coverage — one more thing you need is a HomePod mini. Equipped with Apple HomeKit technology, the smart water regulator offers superior ease of use and enhanced security. Eve Aqua is quick and easy to set up, the plugin will automatically join your threaded network and you won't need a bridge. The best thing about all Eve accessories is protecting your privacy: Eve collects no personal data and there is no Eve Cloud, so your data will never be shared. Local intelligence means that all processing is done locally. Eve accessories connect directly to your iPhone, iPad, or home device, without any dependency or connection to the cloud.

Control by touch, voice or iPhone.

Of course, you can water anytime and anywhere by pressing the built-in button, but using your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or even Siri to control Eve Aqua is satisfying.

Automatic watering with table.

Eve Aqua takes on the challenging tasks while relaxing in your garden. Simply add the program to the water automatically in the specified period of time. Since the program is stored directly on the Eve Aqua, it can be read at any time, regardless of whether the Eve Aqua is connected to the iPhone or the Internet, no bridge or gateway is required.

Fire truck.

Never look back on time or flood your garden again. Simply start watering and Eve Aqua will automatically turn off the water flow after the set time.

Access anytime and anywhere.

On vacation, do you see a heat wave hitting the house in the weather forecast? Not a problem. With a home air diffuser (HomePod, HomePod mini, or Apple TV), you can connect to Eve Aqua at any time and easily water your garden or plants anytime, anywhere.

If the weather is wetter than expected, you can pause the plan anytime, anywhere.

Water with insight.

How much water does your garden use? The Eve app calculates usage over time so you know it.

Eve Smart Water Controller for Sprinkler or Irrigation System
Eve Smart Water Controller for Sprinkler or Irrigation System

  •  Control your sprinkler or sprinkler system via the Eve app, Siri, or buttons on the plane. Or set a schedule to automatically water your garden regardless of iPhone and home network, even when you're on vacation.
  • Say goodbye with automatic water meter shutdown or garden flooding. Compatible with all common hose systems and multi-channel water dispensers such as the Gardena or Karcher; Offers 7 watering periods
  • HomeKit offers unparalleled ease of use and advanced security; It's ready to use out of the box with quick and easy setup, no bridges or doors required
  • Support bluetooth and thread, automatically join your threaded network. Thread requires HomePod mini as a restricted router
  • 100% PRIVACY: No Eve cloud, no logging, no tracking. Local intelligence and direct connectivity without relying on bridges or the cloud. Our highly professional multilingual product support team is also available in Germany.

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