Zircon WiFi Smart Electronic Water Detector Alarm
Zircon WiFi Smart Electronic Water Detector Alarm

Zircon 68882 Smart WiFi Leak Alarm Electronic Water Detector Alarm with Email and Audio and Visual Alarm - Battery Included

Zircon Leak Alert WiFi Smart Water Detector is a WiFi water sensor and alarm designed to protect your property. This built-in WiFi leak detector allows it to be easily placed in places where floods or leaks can occur anytime and anywhere, for example Leak Alarm WiFi is battery powered, wireless and fully automatic, eliminating the need for cables or hubs and avoiding all the limitations of products based on wired hub in the market.

Detection and warning

The leakage alarm water detector has two contacts for the sensor carrying an optical current. If moisture is detected in both contacts, the detector triggers a 105 dB alarm and the LED display flashes. Email notifications are sent to the configured email address every ten minutes for the first hour and then every hour throughout battery life.


Unlimited Zircon Leak Alarms WiFi leak detectors can be configured and placed strategically around your home or property. The leak detector is for internal use only and must be within the range of the router to successfully send email notifications.

A water detector with a leakage alarm should be located in the place of the metal contact points of the sensor, which fall on the surface that can come into contact with the leak.

Place leak alarms anywhere floods or leaks can occur:

 Battery installation and low battery

The Zircon Leak Alert WiFi Water Detector contains a 3V lithium battery (CR123A). Remove the PULL plastic strip from the battery compartment before use.

To enter the battery compartment, hold the detector base with one hand and place your thumb and middle finger over the serrated battery access hole. Press the sides of the bottom of the pot. Lift and remove the top cover.

During the initial setup of Leak Alert WiFi, due to a temporary drop in battery voltage during the setup process, you may receive a "low battery" notification to the configured email address. It is not uncommon. Once the setup process is complete and the detector goes into sleep mode, the battery will quickly restore voltage.

  •     pelvis
  •     refrigerator
  •     Dishwasher
  •     the toilet
  •     Washer
  •     sewage pump
  •     Water heaters etc.

Email notification

As long as the probe is within range of your wireless router, an email notification will be sent. On successful setup, email notifications are sent to confirm setup, any leaks detected, and when the battery is low and/or replaced. Each email contains the name and timestamp of the detector.

To receive an optional summary of the event log for 6 days, select the "Send logs every 6 days" radio button on the device screen during setup. The event log shows the last 20 notifications sent, including each time the router was disconnected while the Internet was restored.

Zircon WiFi Smart Electronic Water Detector Alarm
Zircon WiFi Smart Electronic Water Detector Alarm

  •  WiFi Leak Alert Smart Water Detector connects to Wi-Fi and instantly sends an email alert when the slightest moisture is detected
  • During the setup process, mark the location of each WiFi water sensor and the email notification will instantly direct you to the source of the alert! Even when there is no WiFi, it can emit 105dB loud beep and flash SOS alarm
  • The non-coaxial standalone system allows an unlimited number of water detectors to be configured and used to report water leaks over WiFi at any time. Suitable for home, school, office, hotel, property management, etc.
  • Constant monitoring of leaks in sinks, dishwashers, appliances, refrigerators, washing machines, sink pumps, water heaters, spas, water treatment devices, etc.
  • Fully Automatic Battery Operated Operation - This smart water sensor requires no wiring. As with smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, a low battery warning will sound when a 3 volt lithium battery needs to be replaced.

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