First Alert  Smart Hardwired Smoke Carbon Monoxide Alarm
First Alert  Smart Hardwired Smoke Carbon Monoxide Alarm

First Alert 1039102 Onelink Safe & Sound-Smart Wired Smoke Detector + Carbon Monoxide and Deluxe Home Speakers with Amazon Alexa

Protect your home and family while enjoying the subwoofer and a great audio experience. Onelink Safe & Sound from First Alert is a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector with Alexa voice activated service. Use Safe & Sound to listen to music or audiobooks, read the news, control smart home devices, and more. With your home's permanent wiring and optimal ceiling placement, Safe & Sound fills every room with stunning 360-degree sound. With the advanced Safe & Sound microphone, you can hear your voice commands in any direction, even while listening to music. Powered by First Alert's smart smoke and carbon monoxide protection feature, this 3-in-1 siren can alert you of dangers in your home and everywhere with 85 decibels and audible alarms. With the free Onelink Home app from First Alert, Safe & Sound can also remotely warn you via your mobile phone or tablet of smoke or carbon monoxide emergencies in your home. Safe & Sound can be installed like a standard wired smoke detector, so you can easily replace an existing one. The supplied adapter plug can save you from wiring problems and simplify the installation process. It is compatible with Apple HomeKit.

  •  Security and Voice: First Alert Onelink Safe and Sound, Alexa-enabled and compatible with Apple HomeKit wired photoelectric smoke detectors and electrochemical carbon monoxide detectors Equipped with the latest multi-directional hands-free system Equipped with First Alert Unprecedented Alexa-powered gender-powered reliability
  • Easy Mobile Control: Use the Onelink Home app from First Alert to receive 24/7 remote notifications of home emergencies, track carbon monoxide levels, custom night lights, etc.
  • No more confusing noises: keep track of the battery level in the app and improve security by knowing when to replace it. AirPlay 2 supports wireless multi-room audio and is an easy way to stream music to iOS and other AirPlay 2-enabled devices anywhere in the house
  • Voice Alert: Leading voice tracking technology can eliminate the types and locations of dangers in your home, ensuring the safety and connectivity of your entire home in the event of an emergency. Safe & Sound AirPlay 2 supports and requires iOS 12.2 or higher or macOS 10.14.4 or later. To use AirPlay 2, please update your device to the latest software version and add AirPlay 2-compatible speakers to the Home app on your iOS device
  • Ease of installation: the best placement in the ceiling improves the sound quality of the speakers; It's quick and easy to install with the included power supply, and your existing wired alarm can be replaced without reconnecting (Onelink Safe and Sound requires AC power).
  • Alexa support: Talk to Alexa about your safety and your voice, let Alexa play music or podcasts (from Music, Spotify, Pandora, etc.), play audiobooks, get news, check the weather, control smart home devices, etc.; The more Alexa continues to build skills, the smarter it becomes over time
  • Connectivity: Unlike other smart alarms, Security & Voice can connect to all other wired alarms in your home (including first and non-first-alarm brands) and send mobile notifications of any detected emergency to keep the home safe and connected

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