Linkind Door Window Sensor for Use with Home Security System
Linkind Door Window Sensor for Use with Home Security System

Linkind ZS1100500-IN-2-V1A02 Door and window sensor, Zigbee white, used in Linkind home security system, uses Linkind Smart Zigbee LED lights for automation, requires Linkind hub (not included)

Protect your child from potential dangers

If your child opens a window or door, you will be reminded at the appropriate time in the app. Protect your children.

Keep your collection unchanged

Tired of the hassle of touching your favorite books, wine, toys, trinkets, and other collections, especially when you're outside? Place the sensor on the cabinet or drawer where the sensor will be stored.

Save the status of your door

Check anytime and anywhere that all your doors and windows are closed through the app. You can even know when the door/window is opened and closed when you exit.

Low battery warning

The supplied battery lasts up to two years. When the battery is low, you will be notified in the app or via an advertisement.

Easy to install

Install with adhesive tape or use the included back cover. Make sure to find the magnetic hole to attach it to the sensor and keep it 0.8 inch.

Share with family

After you set up the sensor in your app, you can use the Family Sharing feature to invite your family members to the Linkind app. Later they can also receive notifications and monitor the status of their apps.

Linkind Door Window Sensor for Use with Home Security System
Linkind Door Window Sensor for Use with Home Security System

  •  [Terms of Use]: As an accessory for Linkind Home Security System, it must be equipped with Linkind Siren Hub (in security kit) or Linkind Mini Hub in order to work: Siren Hub for home alarm and smart lighting system, only for smart mini hub light. Connected device sold separately. Compatible with Alexa Echo (4th generation only), Alexa Echo Plus (1st and 2nd generation), Alexa Show (2nd generation only), Alexa Echo Studio (if you don't have a Linkind Hub).
  • [Wireless door and window protection]: Connect the sensor to the Linkind alarm center (sold separately), it can detect accidental entry of doors and windows, send a real-time alarm to the Linkind APP and turn the alarm center into a single noise conversion alarm point. 'Open' and 'Closed' statuses are logged in real time on the app.
  • [LINKIND Smart Bulb Automation]: Would you like the lights to turn on when you open the door again at night after leaving work? Use Linkind Zigbee Lights (sold separately, HUB required) to configure the sensor and explore more automation in the Linkind app.
  • [Easy Installation and Tamper Proof]: Provide mounting tape and base for easy installation. If the device was intentionally removed, the obvious design for tampering with the app will warn you.
  • 【Battery Included】: Replaceable lithium battery. The battery life can be up to two years. The sensor or the app screen shows if the device battery is low.

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