GUPUP 50 FT Long Bluetooth LED Strip Lights for Bedroom
GUPUP 50 FT Long Bluetooth LED Strip Lights for Bedroom

GUPUP WFDS017 50ft Long LED Strip Light, Bluetooth Bedroom Lamp, Color Changing Light Strip with Music Sync, Smart Light, Controlled by Mobile APP and Infrared Remote Control (APP + Remote Control + microphone).

The app allows you to try different poses and colors, and the remote control makes it easy to use. LED lights make your home more warm and romantic.

Do it yourself custom colors

The app offers adjustable brightness and almost unlimited colors. You can adjust the color of the LED light strip to suit different scenes. There are 22 different dynamic modes for you to enjoy the happiness and fun at home.

Sync with music and microphone

Smart LED strips can "dance" to the music on the phone. You can operate your phone while enjoying an exhilarating pace. The app's built-in high sensitivity microphone and LED light bar can change color and mode with external tones.

timing function

The sync option allows you to set the Bluetooth LED light to turn on/off regularly, which is convenient and efficient. The Bluetooth LED bedroom lamp is a great choice for creating surprise and romance.

interior decoration

The LED string lights are long enough to decorate your home or even any corner. Immerse yourself in the warmth and comfort of your own home. You don't have to worry about the effects of short LED strips on the beauty of your home.

ribbon decoration

Bluetooth LED lights meet the requirements of multi-colored stripe decoration, can flash with music, make people more happy and excited.

playroom decoration

Color-changing lights are installed above the playroom, creating a soft and warm romantic atmosphere. You can also choose the dynamic mode to create a realistic atmosphere.

cuttable design

The RGB light strip is so long that it can be cut along an ellipse to create a smaller area. Note: The plug is not included, you need to buy a 4-pin plug to plug it back in.

Arrow in the direction of +12V

Please make sure the bearing and +12V are on the same line so that the light bar is connected successfully. Please test whether the LED lights are working properly before installation.

Pull the plastic slide

Make sure to pull out the plastic tab and hit the Power button. Point the remote control at the sensor so that the LED light strip lights up. The remote control uses pure colors and adjustable brightness to meet your basic needs.

GUPUP 50 FT Long Bluetooth LED Strip Lights for Bedroom
GUPUP 50 FT Long Bluetooth LED Strip Lights for Bedroom

  •     PERFECT FOR GENERAL USE: 50 feet of light strip is enough to cover the entire home, including bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, stairs, etc. A variety of scenes create a warm, harmonious and romantic atmosphere in your home.
  •     SYNC WITH MUSIC: With the built-in sensitive microphone, this environment will light up the color and change in sync with the music and follow the rhythm of the sound.
  •     ⏰ SMART APP CONTROL: Control the LED lights in the room via the Apollo app and the 24-button remote. You can choose from a variety of modes such as: b. Blink, fast, skip, fade in and out, etc. You can freely control 16 million colors
  •     ⚙️ STRONG ADHESIVE AND EASY TO INSTALL: The light tape has strong adhesion and can be firmly sticked to wood or painted walls and other clean surfaces. In addition, all devices are easy to install and connect.
  •     Convenient interaction: Memory function: When re-use, the light automatically remembers the last mode setting. Timing function: just control your lights, it can help you eliminate annoying time and bring smart feeling to your life. Multiple scene modes: The light strip can decorate your home with 64 scene modes.

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