HAOQIN E7 7 Inch IPS HD Display Android 10 Kids Tablet
HAOQIN E7 7 Inch IPS HD Display Android 10 Kids Tablet

HAOQIN E7 7 Inch 16GB HD IPS Android 10.0 WIFI Kids Tablet PC Pink Tablet PC for Kids

Shockproof silicone cover

Haokids E7 Child Protective Cover is made of kid-friendly silicone material which is durable. The lightweight body design can protect the tablet from dust and prevent children from falling or bumping while playing. At the same time, there is an adjustable stand to help you make better use of the tablet so that your child can look and write comfortably. You can watch videos and video chats more easily.

Dual cameras

Use the dual cameras on this tablet to capture the fun anytime, anywhere. Use the 2MP front camera and 0.3MP rear camera to take photos, selfies, and videos. HAOQIN HaoKids E7 Tablet PC can capture or capture exciting moments while playing and exploring.

High Capacity Storage and Bluetooth 4.2

This tablet has a built-in capacity of 16GB, but the storage space can be expanded to 512GB through the TF card slot (TF card needs to be purchased separately), which gives you plenty of space to restore your favorite songs, movies and e-books. Bluetooth 4.2 technology integrated with the product can be used. Stably connects with other electronic products such as bluetooth speakers, headphones, etc.

First learning and brain training

The 7-inch kids tablet has a built-in Haoqin puzzle app. Learn puzzles and train your brain. First learning and mental training. 40 built-in puzzles to play with. Children grow up learning. They learn and play with play. Best choice.

Kids TV

Kids TV app offers various activities suitable for children. Parents and children can have fun together, and it is easier to immerse themselves in the spiritual world of children and grow happily with their children in a comfortable environment.

Montessori education

Use Montessori educational apps to encourage active and conscious learning and exploration in children. There are colorful game models in the app. They are all suitable for developmental educational toys that are made according to the sensitive stage of growth and development of children. Always pay attention to the growth of the child.

HAOQIN E7 7 Inch IPS HD Display Android 10 Kids Tablet
HAOQIN E7 7 Inch IPS HD Display Android 10 Kids Tablet

  •  Latest Android 10 GB Version: This 7 inch kids tablet is powered by the latest Google certified version of Android 10 GB, bloated software and annoying ads. You can use Google Play, Google Assistant, Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, Google Go and wait for the Google service. You can download your favorite apps from Playstore.
  • 👫 Haoqin Kids Pre-installed: The Haoqin Kids app is pre-installed on the internal WiFi device. Kids can enjoy a lot of kid-friendly content, such as children's cartoons, children's educational games (for beginners, brain training, Montessori), drawing and OK Karaoke. All of this content is educational and beneficial for the physical and mental health of kids, and there are plenty of other content available for download from the kids store as well.
  • Shockproof Silicone Cover Rubber Cover Silicone Shockproof Cover Even if your child accidentally falls, the 7 inch tablet can be well protected. If you break the tablet due to falling, please contact us for a replacement.
  • 👫 LARGE CAPACITY AND LIGHTWEIGHT STORAGE: Haoqin E7 kids tablet comes with 16GB storage, but you can expand the storage to 512GB through the TF card slot, which gives you plenty of space to install various kid-friendly contents. This mini tablet is very light at 360g and kids can pick it up easily.
  • HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT: We are confident we have top quality tablets for kids. Haoqin is fully committed to providing real-time customer service and technical support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we have 24 hours customer service.

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