Lxyoug 50ft Color Changing 5050 RGB LED Light Strips
Lxyoug 50ft Color Changing 5050 RGB LED Light Strips

Lxyoug LED Light 50ft Synchronous Music Color Changing 5050 RGB LED Strip Light LED Strip Kit Built-in Microphone for Home Kitchen App Control

Infrared remote control

The upgraded remote control has a 25-button infrared remote control that can be used to change the music mode and color mode. Make sure that there are no obstacles between the remote control and the receiver and that the distance is not more than 6 meters.


There are three ways to control the LED light strip: 3 toggle buttons from the device, the infrared remote control and the mobile app. You can scan the QR code or search for "Happy Lighting" to download the app from the App Store (iOS users) or Google Play (Android users).

3 control buttons

3 control buttons: the three buttons are used to change the color, turn on / off and speed up the light, and the display mode can also be customized. The control switch has a built-in microphone. When playing music on a mobile phone, the color and position of the light changes with the perception of sound and rhythm.

15 hooks with super glue on the back

Working on a smooth, dust-free surface, 15 L-shaped connections and line shapes fit all 10mm wide 5050 RGB strips; Easy to install, just connect the light strip to the connector and secure it to the cover.

custom length

Don't worry about the light strip not bending at the corners. The hollow design allows you to cut at the cut marks, and the LED light strip can even be bent at a right angle to the corner. Simply cut 3 LEDs along the trim mark so you can adjust them to the correct length.

Additional Pins and Double-sided Tape

We provide additional control pins and stickers to give you the best service experience. This one-piece, double-sided tape is wrinkle resistant, easy to peel off, and can be flexibly attached to anywhere you like.

Lxyoug 50ft Color Changing 5050 RGB LED Light Strips
Lxyoug 50ft Color Changing 5050 RGB LED Light Strips

  •     Additional Accessories: The package includes 3 packs of 4-pin LED strip connectors, which are very suitable for connecting the strip at right angles; 10 LED strip hooks with strong 3M adhesive and dual connectors allow customers to easily install and repair curves. Cornish.
  •     Three 50-Foot LED Lights on Wheels: Comes with 3 LED lights on wheels long enough to light up and decorate your entire space. Three ways to control it easily: Download Happy Lighting APP from Google or Apple Store, infrared remote control and three-button mobile app.
  •     SYNC WITH MUSIC MODE AND MICROPHONE: The Bluetooth light bar has a smart music mode and microphone built into the control switch. When playing music on the mobile phone, the light color and position changes with the perception of sound and rhythm, and the light bar can also be controlled via the mobile APP.
  •     MULTI-FUNCTION OPTIONS: You can set the timer to turn the light on and off in your favorite color, or you can easily customize it according to the scene and mood.
  •     HIGH QUALITY LED LIGHTS: This RGB LED strip kit contains 300 high quality SMD 5050 LED lights with dimming and brightness control. Perfect for bedrooms, stairs, kitchens, TVs, parties, closets and walls.

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