RAZER ORNATA Expert Leatherette Wrist Rest Gaming Keyboard
RAZER ORNATA Expert Leatherette Wrist Rest Gaming Keyboard

RAZER ORNATA Expert: Mecha-Foil-Single Backlit Button Center-Leather Palm Rest-Gaming Keyboard-Gaming Keyboard (RZ03-02041800-R3U1)

 mechanical meeting membrane

The Razer Ornata uses the new Razer Mecha film, which combines the advantages of a rubberized dome and mechanical switch to provide an unparalleled printing experience. Although traditional rubber-domed keyboards are known for their soft, cushioned feel, they cannot provide tactile accuracy due to their squishy feel and lack of operating control. On the other hand, the mechanical switches offer quick triggering and unique tactile feedback, but they can be tiring during long gaming sessions.

The result is the revolutionary, patent-pending Razer Mecha-Membrane that combines the best of both worlds and delivers a soft, cushioned feel and crisp tactile clicks in a mid-height cover structure so your fingers can glide across the keyboard and every command is executed in an instant.

New Razer Mecha-Membrane (patent pending)

The new Razer Mecha-Membrane has been redesigned from the ground up and combines the soft feel of a membrane rubber dome with the crisp, tactile click of a mechanical switch that enables quick action of each button.

average keycap - run faster

The Razer Ornata has specially designed buttons that have been shortened to reduce the time required for recording operations, so your fingers can move freely between each button without losing a single button press.

One-button backlighting with dynamic lighting effects

The Razer Ornata has individually programmable switches for backlighting and dynamic lighting effects that can be easily adjusted via Razer Synapse.

Wrist rest - improves comfort when gaming

This palm rest has been specifically designed for the Razer Ornata. It's ergonomically designed so you'll always feel comfortable no matter how hard your game marathon.

Adjust lighting controls via Razer Synapse. employment

Razer Synapse is a complex and intuitive software that can be used as a brainstorm for the Razer Ornata. Use this unified cloud-based component to automatically sync your personal lighting settings: breathing, feedback, waves, waves or stars.

10 button scrolling game mode

Don't miss any key or ten. Thanks to the built-in anti-ghosting technology, the Razer Ornata Chroma allows you to perfectly perform up to 10 commands at the same time.

RAZER ORNATA Expert Leatherette Wrist Rest Gaming Keyboard
RAZER ORNATA Expert Leatherette Wrist Rest Gaming Keyboard

  •  MECHA-MEMBRANE soft-touch switch, soft-touch rubber membrane, soft-touch mechanical click.
  • Medium height switches: Specially designed switches, run faster and never miss a press
  • One-button backlit: Lighting button with dynamic lighting effect
  • Leather palm rest: ergonomic magnetic palm rest for ultimate comfort
  • 10-KEY ROLLOVER ANTI-GHOSTING: Perfect simultaneous execution of up to ten commands

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