OTOTREE Wireless CarPlay Adapter for Wired
OTOTREE Wireless CarPlay Adapter for Wired

OTOTREE Wireless CarPlay Adapter Converts a CarPlay Compatible Wireless CarPlay Factory Installation to CarPlay 2016-2022

Connect and use

Connect the wireless adapter to the CarPlay output for the first time, the infotainment screen recognizes the device and the red light on the adapter lights up. Let the phone pair with the bluetooth name displayed on the car screen, then the blue light will be on. Turn it on and your Carplay wireless upgrade is complete.

Auto Connect

After you turn on your car's device, the WiFi adapter automatically connects to your phone so that you can use the CarPlay function when starting or driving the car. It retains all the functionality of your vehicle's original test and control procedure.

Safe and easy driving

OTOTREE CarPlay Wireless Network Card allows manual upgrade, reset, and roll back to the old version. Even if you switch to a new car, it can be as compatible with your car as possible and provide you with a safe, smart and comfortable driving experience.

 Functions and Jobs:

  •     1. Product function: Convert the wired CarPlay from the car factory to the wireless CarPlay.
  •     2. Applies to factory-made wired CarPlay vehicles only.
  •     3. Support for mobile phones: iPhone from version 6 and iOS from version 10.
  •     4. Easy to use, easy to use: The device is plug and play! - No need to remove components!
  •     5. Operation: the adapter supports the buttons, buttons and touch screen of the original car steering wheel (the operation is the same as the original car).
  •     6. Free and Safe Driving: Use the OEM car steering wheel function to make/receive calls, check voice messages, text messages, and change maps while driving. No need to use the phone.
  •     7. Support online upgrade: After the product's WiFi signal is connected, enter "" into the "Safari" browser of the mobile phone to display the version upgrade page. This page allows you to update, reset, or go back to the old version of the software.
OTOTREE Wireless CarPlay Adapter for Wired
OTOTREE Wireless CarPlay Adapter for Wired

  •     [Excellent Performance, Perfect Driving Enjoyment] OTOREE Wireless CarPlay Adapter is developed to convert wired CarPlay to wireless connection, to eliminate the difficulties of data cable connection and to automatically realize Carplay wireless connection when you are in the car to give you a great travel experience.
  •     [Intelligent Dual Mode Auto Link] The adapter has built-in 5GHz WiFi and Bluetooth modules that are compatible with more than 98% of car hosts, provide stable connection, sensitive response and start the car to use CarPlay function without any additional operations, just like using your mobile phone, it is like Connect to a Bluetooth or WIFI enabled device.
  •     [Upgrade & Update Version] CarPlay adapter card supports automatic upgrade, recovery, restart, some minor issues can be solved by yourself or simply via our contact. We have our own product design and development team, and our technical team will constantly improve products and test new models so that our adapters maintain the best compatibility and stability so that you can use the adapters even when switching to a new vehicle. Update to the new version.
  •     [Services and Precautions] OTOTREE CarPlay Wireless Network Card is backed by 12-month warranty and lifetime technical service. We recommend that you take important precautions before using the adapter: 1. Make sure your vehicle is equipped with a CARPLAY wire; 2. If the adapter is working fine, please do not update, the new version is not always compatible with your car; 3. If there is any damage, you can upgrade, but please wait for 1-2 minutes after the screen shows "Upgrade Successful". This is very important.
  •     [READ BEFORE BUYING] OTOTREE is an honest manufacturer. We are not just salespeople, but also product developers. We do not offer undisputed products. CarPlay wireless adapters are not 100% compatible with different cars. What we can 100% guarantee is that you will get the best service and technical support with OTOTREE products.

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