Phyn Smart Home Water Leak Detector
Phyn Smart Home Water Leak Detector

Phyn PHNSWA01 Plus Smart Water Assistant + Shutdown: Professionally Installed Smart Home Water Leak Detector with Auto Shut Off and Water Monitoring Functions (Alexa Compatible)

 Phyn Plus Smart Water Filling + Off

Phyn Plus measures subtle changes in water pressure 240 times per second and alerts you when a leak is detected, automatically shuts off costly losses, and diagnoses potential pipe problems before they become a problem. This unique device mounts to your water pipe and allows you to manage water throughout your home even when you are not at home.

Protect your home from flooding

Most malicious leaks happen when you don't notice them. Once Phyn Plus knows your home's water consumption, it automatically shuts off the water supply and the Phyn app notifies you and contacts the plumber directly. Phyn app is free. There are no monthly fees.

Understand potential leaks

When Phyn detects a potential leak, it sends an alert within seconds with all the detailed information you need to help the plumber diagnose and correct the problem. With Phyn Plus, you can also shut off the water supply from anywhere.

piece of equipment. Complete protection for the family

Many water monitors require that several sensors be placed around the house where you suspect a leak. Phyn Plus is a device that can protect the entire home water supply in one place. Phyn Plus can also connect to your existing Wi-Fi network so you don't have to purchase an additional hub.

Monitor your water use

Get the information you need to make better water choices. Put instructions for use and know how much water to use for watering, showers, washing machines, sinks, etc.

This is how Phyn works - fingerprint your spotlight

When you shower, wash your hands, or water your garden, the pressure in the plumbing changes. Phyn measures these microscopic changes in water pressure - 240 times per second - and records the unique pressure distribution for each device in your home. So when you open the tap, Finn knows it's the tap. If there is a leak from the faucet, Phyn will let you know.

As Wayne gets older, he gets smarter

Phyn has installed memory that can store hundreds of thousands of cleanings, deep cleanings, and pipe leaks from real beta test houses for reference when actions or errors occur. Since then, Phyn has begun to understand the unique uses of water in your home and sometimes asks questions to improve accuracy.

Your family's water is safe with Phyn plus

Phyn Plus was developed in partnership with Uponor, a residential plumbing supplier, and manufactured by Badger Meters, a 110-year-old water meter manufacturer in Milwaukee. The device can be installed indoors and outdoors and withstands the effects of weather.

Make your smart home smarter

Connect Phyn to Amazon Alexa and use voice commands to control the water. Ask "How much water did you use today?" "," How much water did you consume this month? Or ask Alexa to "tell Phyn Plus to turn off the water."

Vin Plus installation

Phyn Plus is installed on the main water line in your home, usually where the shut-off valve is. It can be installed indoors or outdoors. We recommend that the Phyn Plus be installed by a professional plumber and installed in a home with a pipe size of 1 1/4 or less. You must have an electrical outlet within 3 feet of the device and need a WiFi signal to access the device.

Phyn Smart Home Water Leak Detector
Phyn Smart Home Water Leak Detector

  •  Water Leak Detection System + Water Monitoring System which can reduce water cost and prevent pipes from freezing
  • Smart Home Powered Water Sensor Alarm Detects drips and leaks and keeps your home leak-proof
  • Use the free Phyn app for iOS and Android to receive real-time notifications at the first sign of potential problems and to automatically shut off the water from anywhere
  • You need to install the water main at home professionally
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa

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