Moen 900-002 1-1/4-Inch Smart Water Shutoff
Moen 900-002 1-1/4-Inch Smart Water Shutoff

Moen 900-002 Flo 1-1 / 4 inch Smart Water Cover

Use Moine Flo to bring Smart Pipes into your home. This smart home system is the first water security system that can monitor and protect your home from water leaks and damage using just one device without additional sensors. Moen Flow is a professionally designed plumbing and civil engineering installation that will be installed on the home's main water line. With the Moen Flo mobile app or your web browser, you can view real-time water usage, including water flow, pressure, and even temperature. When the device detects a problem (such as high pressure, snow, or a small leak), it will notify you through the app so you can fix the problem before any damage occurs. In the event of a catastrophic failure, eg. NS. A burst pipe or a water leak, you will receive a warning in the app that you can shut off the water supply anywhere.

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Protect your entire home from water damage and leaks. Thanks to many years of product development, Moen Flo can detect and stop leaks. From toilets, showers or faucets to pipes in your rooms and behind walls, the device monitors everything.

Your water at hand

Everything that is required to monitor and control the water supply system is done via a mobile app. The app enables remote automatic water shutdown, provides active maintenance alerts, understands water usage and identifies leaks anywhere in the home, and performs daily tests to keep the home leak-free.

Flo de Moen is compatible with Alexa* and Google Assistant skills. No smart hub system required. Requires a Wi-Fi connection. Standard AC/DC power connection required.

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All-weather leakage protection

Moen Smart Water Shutoff's Flo performs daily tests to make sure your home's plumbing system is working efficiently. The device constantly checks the pipe for leaks and weaknesses and automatically turns off the water supply to your home in the event of a catastrophic failure.

Flo in the Moen . app

If a leak is detected anywhere in your home, the Moen Flo app will send a real-time alert to your phone. The app allows you to view and set water usage goals, monitor daily water usage, and turn water sources on and off remotely.

FloProtect plan options

Use FloProtect to get more benefits from your Smart Water Shutoff. FloProtect is an add-on security and service plan that includes many additional features, including LIVE Smart Water Assistant.

Flumoin installation

The Moen Flo comes standard before it's connected to the various water sources in your home and has three sensors that can effectively monitor water flow, pressure, and temperature. It is the algorithms of these sensors and devices that enable Moen Flo to detect and protect homes from leaks, pipeline explosions, and other problems.

Moen 900-002 1-1/4-Inch Smart Water Shutoff
Moen 900-002 1-1/4-Inch Smart Water Shutoff

  •  24/7 Protection: Turn the water on/off manually via the app, or Moen's Flo smart circuit breaker will automatically turn off the water to protect the home from catastrophic water damage
  • Daily Leak Test: MicroLeak technology effectively monitors the integrity of the entire home's water supply system (including behind walls and foundations) to detect leaks as small as one drop per minute (such as leaking holes, etc.)
  • App Dashboard: Find out your daily water use and set savings goals to encourage saving water and money for your family
  • Size: Model 900-002 is suitable for pipe diameters from 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" (consult a professional)
  • Compatibility: Knowing Alexa and Google Assistant. No hub or smart system required; Wi-Fi connection required; Standard AC/DC power connection required
  • Installation instructions: Everything that is needed for installation is in the box; Professional installation is recommended and it only takes a few hours to complete your home installation requirements

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