Ronnemboi 7-inch 256-8GB Voice Broadcast GPS Navigation
Ronnemboi 7-inch 256-8GB Voice Broadcast GPS Navigation

Ronnemboi 7" 256-8 GB GPS Navigation Car Navigation Voice Transmission Lifetime Free Map Update Latest Map Voice Guidance Quick Camera Warning

When you choose a high-quality GPS for your car, you are not only choosing the perfect product, but also the best service.

The CarGad team offers you the best support. Enjoy your driving pleasure

Another important function of GPS navigation

Support postal code search, coordinates and POIs (for more information on how to use postal code search, please refer to the user manual);

Provide intelligent reminder of current speed cameras, voice guide, route planning, broadcast street name, current speed and active lane assist, show remaining distance and inform you estimated time of arrival;

❸ Diverse route planning: fast, green, economical and easy;

Provide real audio streaming in more than 40 languages

Offers 7 vehicle modes;

Use the latest GPS chipset, strong signal receiving ability, fast and accurate positioning to give you satisfactory navigation

FM function: It can transmit the navigation audio to the car radio

Entertainment: MP3 and MP4 functions can relieve fatigue

Ronnemboi 7-inch 256-8GB Voice Broadcast GPS Navigation
Ronnemboi 7-inch 256-8GB Voice Broadcast GPS Navigation

  •     🚙 [Professional Solutions] Our GPS Navigation System provides regular updates of maps and questions. Domestic American brands, and professional technical teams located in the United States, have been recognized by the majority of customers.
  •     🚙 [Voice Transmission Intelligent Reminder] Detailed GPS voice navigation (multi-language version), full voice prompts, safe and fast real-time navigation direction; Intelligent error correction, if the path is wrong, the system will automatically create a new path, make you faster and safer, reach the destination more accurately.
  •     🚙 [Intelligent voice transmission, 7-inch touch screen] GPS has voice guidance (multi-language version), full voice prompts and safe navigation tips, speed limit and estimated time of arrival, intelligent error correction. You will reach your destination faster, safer and more accurately. 7-inch HD touch screen, 800 x 480 resolution, clear and delicate
  •     🚙 [Free Lifetime Map Update] Latest Map of North America 2021 Pre-Installed (Pre-Installed: USA, Canada, Mexico). If you need maps from other countries, please contact us through Amazon (maps are downloadable but not pre-installed: Europe, South America, etc.)

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