BROxiongdi Wireless Apple CarPlay Dongle
BROxiongdi Wireless Apple CarPlay Dongle

BROxiongdi Wireless Apple CarPlay Dongle for Android Screen Change APK Download Wired Screen Mirroring for Android Phones YouTube does not apply to factory installed car screens

 CarPlay and Android Auto

  •     This product is only for car screen assembly, Android Auto must be connected with USB cable
  •     iPhone, iOS (7.1 and later), Android phone (5.1 and later)

 Auto Connect

  •     The phone should only turn on the first time it is plugged in and then automatically connect each time.
  •     Our adapters include WiFi and Bluetooth devices. It connects to bluetooth and sends WiFi credentials to phone and then disconnects from bluetooth network. From there it only works in WiFi.
  •     Before pairing and using CarPlay, please remove the Bluetooth pairing between the phone and the car to avoid signal interference
  •     Make sure your phone is not connected to any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and remove the hands-free connection from the phone and car system settings.

Wireless connections

  •     Use iPhone Bluetooth to search for Bluetooth in the CarPlay box
  •     Wait a few seconds after tapping "Pair" and "Authorize".
  •     After waiting a few seconds, click on "Use Carplay as usual"
  •     For wireless use on iPhone with Android display, download the CarPaly app

Wired setup

  •     Connect the product to the USB port of the car
  •     Press the Carplay function on the car screen
  •     Pairing mobile phones to use the onboard communication system
  •     After selecting the product box for Android cars, please click to use the CarPlay function
  •     Only for Android Auto with WiFi

 screen mirror

  •     Support mobile phone screen display function, synchronize your mobile phone operation, watch various online movies and programs on the car screen. Make the road fun for your family, kids and other travel companions
  •     Based on Siri voice control. Users do not need to touch and look at the phone screen to use iPhone's various functions
  •     The road is taken care of. This control method makes driving safer and more comfortable
BROxiongdi Wireless Apple CarPlay Dongle
BROxiongdi Wireless Apple CarPlay Dongle

  •     Compatible devices: iPhone iOS (7.1 and above), Android phones (5.1 and above), Android version of car radio (4.4.2 and above), the product supports most mobile phones in the Android market, but all Android devices are not 100% cell phones %, and does not apply to OEM factory car radio
  •     Safe driving, strong wireless stability and low uptime ensure the best driving experience. Android Auto is constantly on, off or not working, Google Maps and Google Play Music work for 4 hours
  •     Multifunction: Once connected, you can use Carplay to run many applications on the phone, such as: b. Address book, notifications, messages, music and browsing without looking at the screen. The road is taken care of. This kind of control makes driving safer and more comfortable.
  •     Product connection: Make sure the mobile phone WiFi is turned on, then go to the mobile phone's bluetooth interface to find the product's bluetooth signal. Click Connect and enter the password to connect successfully. (Note: Carplay wireless connection, bluetooth pairing, WIFI transmission. Android phones must always be connected with a USB cable. Please install the APK in the car before purchasing. If your car can't install the APK, you can't use the product.)

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