TreasLin Wireless Carplay Dongle for Factory Car
TreasLin Wireless Carplay Dongle for Factory Car

The original (original) TreasLin Wireless CarPlay Dongle supports car steering wheel control.

This dongle is developed to convert wired Apple Carplay to wireless Apple Carplay. So the first thing you need is the original vehicle specifications provided by Apple Carplay.

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The dongle has USB-A and USB-C interfaces, with a USB interface from USB-A to USB-C. The Carplay port is a USB-A port that works by plugging the USB-C end of the plug into the dongle. The Carplay USB-C port can also work by reversing the jack cable and connecting it to the USB-A jack on the dongle.

Quick start:

Insert the dongle into the Carplay / Multimedia USB port (other ports are not provided) and your car's infotainment screen should appear on the login screen as shown in my picture. Then you can turn on the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, tap "Search" on the infotainment screen and the name of your phone will be displayed. Just tap on your phone name and it will activate Carplay and you will get all the features like wired connection.


Each time you turn on the ignition and your phone is Bluetooth-enabled and within range, the infotainment screen should display the search box screen to automatically connect to your phone. The whole process takes no more than 10 seconds in my car, it's super easy!

Firmware update (if normal, it is recommended not to update)

After the phone is connected to the dongle (confirm on the car infotainment screen make sure your phone is connected to wifi and check if it is connected to the box via wifi. The instructions suggest disabling bluetooth connection before updating but it works without working Turn it off then enter 192.18..

TreasLin Wireless Carplay Dongle for Factory Car
TreasLin Wireless Carplay Dongle for Factory Car

  •     [Wireless Carplay] Only original CarPlay models are supported. Only iPhone is supported. Fully compatible with all Carplay and Siri music card functions
  •     [Easy to use Plug and Play] Plug and play. Wireless CarPlay, use wired wireless. You can put your iPhone in your pocket and use Carplay wirelessly without the hassle of data cable connections. Make your car clean, comfortable and free
  •     [Carpaly Wireless Function] Supports touch control, original car handle, steering wheel, volume control. It also supports assistive voice control and you can use SIRI to find your favorite video or music.
  •     [Online upgrade support] If you can use the connection, we recommend that you do not upgrade. If you need an upgrade, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will help you at any time.
  •     [100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee] If you have any questions or concerns about this product, please feel free to contact us and let us serve you wholeheartedly. Your satisfaction is our greatest motivation and the price will go down. It is reflected in the quality. Don't worry, come and try this powerful wireless carplay, you have to buy it!

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