Samsung offers jeans for the Galaxy Z Flip 3
Samsung offers jeans for the Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung and the Australian denim brand Dr. Denim has announced the launch of the Limited Edition Z Flip Pocket Denim Jeans to celebrate the unique foldable shape of the Galaxy Z Flip3.

The company said: Large bags take up a lot of space and look awkward, and the latest phones fit in with them. The Z Flip Pocket Denim has been redesigned to fit the Galaxy Z Flip3, making large bags a thing of the past.

Therefore, Samsung has partnered with Dr. Denim work together to eliminate bulky and unwanted pockets. It includes a pair of jeans with pockets designed to comfortably fit the new Galaxy Z Flip3, which when folded is about half the size of a standard phablet.

The company added that the era of large rectangular bags is over. Samsung and dr. Denim announced the introduction of small square pockets to define better leg lines for the next big trend.

"The perfect partner for a stylish foldable phone is a pair of equally stylish jeans, the right amount to ensure fashionistas can enjoy style and functionality with a phone that goes perfectly with jeans," the company said.

Samsung brings classic jeans to life

“Smartphones are generally not portable,” says Hayley Walton, Australian Brand Marketing Director at Samsung. So we have a design dr. The jeans used to change the pocket standard and fit the compact Galaxy Z Flip3 perfectly.

"Galaxy Z Flip3 users expect the best in design, portability, and something that matches our high-end phones better than completely custom jeans."

No big pockets required with the stylish new Galaxy Z Flip3. The back pockets have been removed from the jeans, one moved to the front of the thighs and narrowed to the same size as the Galaxy Z Flip3.

The original front pocket is also stitched with a large Z. This is a tribute to the innovative and foldable Galaxy Z series.

There is also a limited edition 450 Z Flip Pocket Denim. And make this exclusive version of the statement even more convincing. The Galaxy Z Flip3 and Z Flip Pocket Denim both use stylish individual packaging.

Dr. said. denim; It's all about creating a unique, modern look and display for the Galaxy Z Flip3.

Additionally, the Z Flip Pocket Denim retails for $1,115, including the Galaxy Z Flip3. Z Flip Pocket Denim is available for both men and women and can be found at Dr. Denim can be purchased on the site.

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