Facebook groups benefit from many new functions
Facebook groups benefit from many new functions

At the Facebook Community Summit, the social media giant announced a series of updates and new tools for managing its groups, including tools to help administrators better develop group culture.

Plus lots of new features like subgroups and subgroups by subscription, real-time chat for admins, support for community fundraising, and more.

New features include a set of tools for Facebook Groups admins that allow people who manage online communities to customize the groups in a variety of ways, from their appearance to the welcome message and more.

The company believes that these characteristics help distinguish one group from another. It also makes it possible to define the way the team works and the culture.

The new tool allows admins to change group colors, post backgrounds, fonts displayed in the group, and emojis that members use to interact with their content.

You can also use the feature set to choose from posts, layouts, badges, management tools, and more. Predefined so that it can be activated for your group with a single click to further customize the group.

Administrators can add multiple feature sets designed around the group's issues or the types of features they can provide.

In addition, administrators can share group rules with new members. When a member joins the group for the first time, a welcome message is automatically displayed to inform the member of the group's rules and other criteria.

Facebook groups benefit from personal functionality

Facebook also announced an upcoming feature called Community Awards, which should go viral soon. This feature allows administrators to encourage and reward members for active participation in groups by awarding badges to specific sites.

In terms of group functionality, admins can now install ads in the new extended area at the top of the group and take advantage of updates from Admin Assist.

The tool now offers personalized suggestions for adding conditions and better informs administrators when certain content is rejected.

Another set of recently released tools is designed to help group members better communicate with each other and, in some cases, generate income.

This includes the introduction of Community Chat, a chat interface in Facebook and Messenger that allows administrators and reviewers to talk to each other in real time.

If the group meets virtually or in person, the group can also create recurring events.

Facebook said it has also begun testing the features of the new subset. These subgroups can be managed in one place. These groups allow participants to have side discussions without affecting the results of the main group.

The company allows groups to create paid subgroups, and group members can pay for a subscription. To access exclusive content or experiences.

During the trial period, the administrator will receive subscription revenue minus App Store fees and applicable taxes. However, the company has announced that it will not currently receive any portion of its income.

Facebook groups can also organize community fundraising activities to raise money for group projects. Or pay the host for the time they run the group or for any content the host and members want to sponsor.

Groups can sell merchandise in stores that are part of the group. This is another way for members to support the group. Administrators can sell products they've created specifically for their teams.

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